About water and wastewater services

Safe, sustainable and affordable water and wastewater services

Located in the northern tip of NSW, Tweed Shire Council is the state’s top water authority, providing safe, sustainable and affordable water and wastewater services to almost 90,000 people.

We work around-the-clock to keep your tap water flowing and to take away and treat your wastewater.

The network we service is vast, with 1700 kilometres of water and sewer mains, 214 pump stations, 42 water reservoirs, 8 wastewater treatment plants and 3 water treatment plants.

Our work keeps our community and environment safe and healthy, helping maintain the quality of life we all enjoy.

Description Volume
Area of the Tweed's water supply catchment

565 KM2

Capacity of Clarrie Hall Dam

15,000 ML

Drinking water treated annually

8,577 ML

Wastewater treated annually

9,721 ML

Water meters in the Tweed


Base population receiving water service

Base population receiving wastewater service


Figures as at 30 June 2022


Water and wastewater graphic - secure
Clarrie Hall Dam locationThe proposed Clarrie Hall Dam upgrade will secure our water supply

We are securing sustainable water sources for the long-term so our people and places thrive.

We provide for our growing population by sustainably upgrading and expanding water supply and wastewater systems.

How we secure water

  • Clarrie Hall Dam - maintaining and upgrading
  • Weirs at Bray Park and Tyalgum
  • Capital works of $25 to $30 million to build and upgrade for population growth

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Water and wastewater graphic - safe
Water treatment plant operatorOur water treatment plants produce safe drinking water that is equal to the best bottled water in the world

We protect the health of the Tweed community and environment by treating and supplying safe drinking water, and safely collecting and treating wastewater.

How we maintain safe water

  • $22 million a year to treat and supply safe drinking water
  • $20 million a year to safely collect, treat and recycle wastewater
  • 5000 water quality tests and 5000 wastewater quality tests a month

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Water and wastewater graphic - supply
Water sample captureThe NATA-accredited Tweed Laboratory Centre tests our drinking water for chemical and biological hazards

We supply households and businesses with high-quality, affordable and reliable water and wastewater services from catchment to tap and tap to ocean.

We sustainably operate and maintain assets, systems and networks in ways that minimise Council’s impact on the environment and adapt to climate-change impacts.

How we supply water

  • 1 dam - 15,000 ML storage
  • 2 weirs
  • 3 water treatment plants, supplying 100 mega litres of water a day
  • 35 active water reservoirs
  • 30 water pump stations
  • 723 kilometres of water mains
  • 230 kilometres of water service pipe/connections
  • 27,069 water meters
  • 35,249 residential properties serviced
  • 2,366 non-residential properties serviced
  • 5,348 MW hours a year of energy used

How we supply wastewater services

  • 8 wastewater treatment plants - 136,750 EP or 32.8 ML a day capacity, 9 EPA licences
  • 189 sewerage pump stations - 78 ML a day capacity
  • 553 kilometres of gravity sewer mains
  • 206 kilometres of sewer rising mains
  • 12,847 sewer manholes
  • 25,243 sewer connections
  • 33,928 residential properties serviced
  • 1,861 non-residential properties serviced
  • 9,280 MWh/y energy used

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Water and wastewater graphic - service
Service interruptionsOur crews work 24/7 to minimise service interruptions

We support our customers by responding to supply and service interruptions and quality complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while making it easy to connect, disconnect and pay for water and wastewater services.

We consider and assess proposed developments to ensure system capacity is available and infrastructure meets quality and safety standards.

How we service water

Each month, we respond to 180 customer service requests, including 75 after-hours calls.

We also work on more than 300 preventative maintenance tasks a month.

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Water and wastewater graphic - save
Learn about saving waterThere's no better time to start learning about the importance of saving water

We inform, educate, engage and encourage behaviour change about our shared responsibilities to save water and the environment.

How we all save water

  • Target 160 litres – per person a day
  • We recycle 12% of wastewater received
  • 450 trade waste customers
  • No wipes in our pipes campaign
  • Reducing wet weather overflows

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