Doing business with Council

Construction workers on Cudgen Creek bridge with crane

Council supports local businesses through Local Preference Procurement. All dealings with Council are underpinned by good governance and transparency in the decision making process.

Our Procurement Policy(PDF, 189KB) outlines the Local Preference amendments.

Sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement refers to the purchase of goods or services that have a lesser or reduced affect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.

Such products or services may include, but are not limited to, those which contain recycled content, minimise waste, conserve energy or water, and reduce the amount of toxics disposed or consumed.

Sustainable procurement initiatives

Through its Environmental Management System, Council is progressively implementing a range of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of its purchasing decisions. Examples of sustainable procurement initiatives include:

  • use of recycled plastic products for park and street furniture
  • recycled office paper
  • low toxicity office stationary products
  • green cleaners
  • water/energy efficiency standards for white-goods and tap-ware.

Please download Council’s environmental performance schedule(PDF, 57KB) to view the criteria that forms part of quote assessment for purchases greater than $50,000.

Please download Council's sustainable procurement products list(PDF, 31KB) to view the minimum standards for a range of energy and/or water consuming products.

Council facilities

Council operates a number of facilities as a service to residents and businesses of the Tweed:

Council major projects - local jobs register

Council has developed an online 'Local Jobs Register' with information provided by principal contractors delivering publicly funded construction projects with a value of more than $50 million.

The aim of the register is to link local residents and business to employment opportunities, and to report to the community the number of locals employed during construction.

The register contains current and historical information on Council projects with a value of more than $50 million.

As Council does not regularly undertake such large projects, the register of current projects may be empty. If so, the equivalent state funded projects can be seen at NSW major projects infrastructure pipeline.

The NSW Government eTendering website advertises engagement opportunities, see NSW Government eTendering (search keywords such as 'Tweed', 'North Coast' or 'Construction').

There are currently no Council projects with a value of more than $50 million. If any projects are in progress, the register link will appear on this page.