Works on Council infrastructure


Other than Council employees or those contracted by Council, no one is allowed to conduct work on Council-owned water or wastewater infrastructure, unless that person has approval under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 to complete the work. Council has no exemption under Part 3 for work on Water Supply.

Anyone wanting to carry out work on Council's water supply or wastewater infrastructure must apply for Section 68 Approval.

On application, Council will set the conditions for the work. Typically conditions will include:

  • suitable qualifications and standards
  • hold/witness points and Council inspections
  • work as executed requirements
  • commissioning and testing

Working in or near an easement

Failure to comply with the policy may result in penalties, as well as charges for the cost of repair.

Anyone working on public and private property has an obligation to protect sewers from damage.

Council may recover the costs of repair incurred from deliberate or accidental damage to water supply and sewer infrastructure.

Deliberate damage or unauthorised interference with a sewer is an offence under the Local Government Act

Anyone planning work in or near an easement should first see the following policy:

Dial before you dig

Tweed Shire Council is a member of the Dial Before You Dig service.

This service is a free service, which should be used by anyone undertaking works that may impact on underground assets (such as earthmoving, excavations, building or blasting).

Dial before you dig provides location information for Council’s water, sewerage, stormwater or communications services.

It is designed to prevent damage and disruption to underground pipe and cable networks.

Register your enquiry by:

  • Calling the Dial Before you Dig call centre on 1100
  • Visit their website at or download the app "1100 mobile"
  • You will need to provide an accurate location for your enquiry.

The Dial Before You Dig service is not for use in property conveyancing.

Standards, codes and specifications

The following documents need to be consulted for the design, approval and construction of water supply or wastewater infrastructure:

Development Control Plan (DCP) A5(PDF, 1MB)
Development Control Plan (DCP) A10(PDF, 262KB)
Development Design SpecificationD11(PDF, 497KB)
Development Construction Specification C401(PDF, 497KB)
Development Design Specification D12 - Sewerage System and Development(PDF, 507KB)
Construction Specification C402 - Sewerage System(PDF, 556KB)

Safe, sustainable and affordable water and wastewater services - Service