Structures in manufactured home estates

Manufactured home estate

If you are wanting to install a structure in a Tweed manufactured home estate, it's important to be aware of any approvals or certifications you may need.

The rules regarding what you can install in manufactured home estates in NSW are very different to those of residential spaces.

Associated structures in manufactured home estates include such things as:

  • garages
  • carports
  • garden sheds
  • pergolas
  • verandahs

Please note: Individual sites in manufactured home estates are often 'built out' to capacity at the time of development. This means that the manufactured home and any structures already take up the maximum of 65% site coverage. This means no more rooved structures are allowed to be installed at the individual site. For further information regarding site coverage, please speak with your manufactured home estate operator.

The law governing manufactured home estates in NSW is the Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2021 (the 'Regulation').

Approvals and certifications

Any structure in a manufactured home estate must be installed and certified according to Australian standards - there is also a process Council will need you to follow. This process will depend on whether you are installing the structure in a flood liable manufactured home estate, or a non flood liable manufactured home estate.

To found out what type of manufactured home estate you live in, please ask your park operator.

Non flood liable manufactured home estate

If you live in a non flood liable manufactured home estate you can install a structure without Council approval beforehand (subject to site coverage and other requirements), but you will need approval from the operator and an engineer's certification to confirm it has been designed in accordance with applicable laws. The structure must comply with site coverage and set back requirements.

The structure must also be able to withstand wind speed of at least 41 metres per second.

Once the structure has been installed, you must then submit a notice/certificate of completion with the above certification attached.

Flood liable manufactured home estate

If you live in a flood liable manufactured home estate, you will need Council approval before you start any works.

An application can be made by completing the Application for Structures - Caravan Parks and Manufactured Home Estates’ form.

Your form must be accompanied by:

  • The owner of the manufactured home estate's consent on the form.
  • A fully dimensioned site plan showing the location of all structures on the site including distance to structures on adjoining sites, site boundaries and roads, site number, site area and percentage of site coverage (all roofed areas). Please note, applications are to demonstrate a maximum of 65% site coverage.
  • The design of the associated structure must be certified by a practising structural engineer as structurally sound, and include specifications for the way in which it must be transported and installed, and the footings on which it must be installed. The engineer's certification must confirm it has been designed in accordance with the Australian Standards nominated in the Regulation, and clearly state the design meets the design gust wind speed of at least 41 metres per second.

If your structure includes plumbing and drainage works you must also complete an Application for Approval of Plumbing and Drainage Work on Private Land or Crown Land form(PDF, 342KB).

To ensure we can process your application as quickly as possible we ask that you make sure you have attached all the required information correctly.

If you have any questions about structures in manufactured home estates, you are welcome to contact Council to speak to an environmental health duty officer between hours of 8.30 am - 12 pm Monday - Friday.

While it isn't Council's preferred approach, penalties may apply where structures have been installed without an approval or not in accordance with local laws.