Roads and bridges

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Council owns most of the public roads and bridges in the Tweed.

The Pacific Motorway is owned by Transport for NSW. To report a problem with the road or bridges on the M1 call 131 700

For roadworks and closures visit our roadworks page and for important traffic updates follow Council on Facebook and Twitter.

For oil on the road, call 000 FIRE.

Repairs and maintenance


Council fixes more than 25,000 potholes each year. Potholes can appear when road pavements become saturated (our road crews are very busy after rain events).

Kerbs, gutters and footpaths

To request a kerb and gutter or footpath for your street, contact us with your request. All requests are reviewed and may be scheduled based on priority and available funding.

Road and pedestrian safety

Written requests to improve road safety, traffic movement or parking restrictions should be sent to or call 02 6670 2400.

Planned works

Council's planned works are listed in our delivery program. Check out current roadworks and closures.

Roadside tributes and memorials

Council understands that families of people lost in road crashes may want to place a tribute or memorial at the roadside.

We're sympathetic to these requests and allow a floral tribute or small lightweight wooden cross (of similar size to a floral tribute) to be placed off the roadway and within the road reserve at an individual's discretion.

While there is no limit to the time a tribute can remain on a Council road, tributes that appear neglected may be removed.

See our Roadside tributes policy(PDF, 124KB) or call 02 6670 2400 for information.

Road signs and street names

To request replacement or repair of an existing sign, call us 02 6670 2400 or complete the online form.

To request a new road sign or to change an existing road sign:
  • email:
  • write to: The General Manager, Tweed Shire Council, PO Box 816, Murwillumbah NSW 2484

See Council's Naming of streets and roads policy(PDF, 173KB)

Street lights

Street lighting improves safety for pedestrians and drivers, and helps to secure buildings and facilities.

Streetlights in the Tweed are installed and maintained by Essential Energy, and paid for by Council.

Report a damaged or faulty streetlight

Report online via the Essential Energy website or for an emergency call 13 20 80.

Request a change to a streetlight or additional street lighting

  • email:
  • write to: The General Manager, Tweed Shire Council, PO Box 816, Murwillumbah NSW 2484

Events and closures

Road closures for events

Event organisers seeking a road closure must contact Council's Engineering division well before the proposed event. A minimum of 6 months' notice is required for some events.

A Traffic Management Plan will need to be provided by the event organiser, you can find out more details by viewing Transport for NSW's Event management guidelines. You may want to see if you quality for event sponsorship funding or just general information about holding an event.

Temporary part road closures

A temporary or partial road closure approval is needed for works in road reserve, including:

  • approved traffic control
  • placing skip bins or shipping containers
  • putting up construction fences (hoardings)
  • carrying out works from the footpath
  • traffic and parking lane closures

Approval is required before any works start.

To apply, fill in the online Application for temporary or partial road closure and pay the fee.

Fees are based on the type and length of the closure or hoardings.

Road closures and purchase by the public

Landowners next to Council public roads may apply to close or purchase an unnecessary Council public road.

Council will consider public road closure where:

  • private structures have been built on part of the road
  • the road is can be shown as redundant
  • topographical constraints argue strongly for a more logical boundary line or access corridor

See Road closures and private purchase policy(PDF, 148KB)

Public access rights

Any member of the public has the right to travel on a public road, on foot or in a vehicle, and to drive stock or other animals.

Gates can only be placed on a public road with Council approval.

Crown paper roads

Crown paper roads are part of the state's public road network and are owned by the NSW Government.

Crown paper roads are generally unformed road reserves that are part of a property boundary or are contained within a rural land parcel.

Rural landowners can 'enclose' all or part of a Crown paper road by securing an enclosure permit over the road reserve, which allows them to fence it and use it for grazing purposes.

Sometimes Crown paper roads are formed and maintained by private landowners to provide access to rural properties.

Crown paper roads can be purchased and closed, apply to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Load limits on roads and bridges

Weight restriction signs are posted on some Tweed roads and bridges.

(Trucks are allowed on weight restricted roads for a specific purpose, such as delivering to a building site, where there is no other route. Drivers must be able to provide evidence of their purpose if stopped.)

Tweed roads are patrolled by contracted heavy vehicle regulators.

For more information about safety and rules for heavy vehicle drivers, visit the Transport for NSW website

Road Section Limit
Tweed Coast Road, Hastings Point to Wooyung 50m north of Creek Street, Hastings Point, to Tweed Valley Way at Wooyung 14.5-tonne gross load
Cudgen Road, Cudgen Traffic signals at the intersection of Tweed Coast Road to the intersection of Duranbah Road at Duranbah 14.5-tonne gross load
Clothiers Creek Road, Clothiers Creek Norths Lane to Condor Place, Clothiers Creek 14.5-tonne gross load
Crescent Street, Cudgen Altona Road to Cudgen Road 14.5-tonne gross load
Endeavour Parade, Tweed Heads Bay Street to Frances Street No buses or trucks between the hours of 7pm-7am
Moss Street, Kingscliff Marine Parade to Sutherland Street 5-tonne gross load (trucks only)
McPhail Avenue, Kingscliff Entire length 4.5-tonne gross load
Sutherland Street, Kingscliff Seaview Street to Cudgen Creek Bridge 4.5-tonne gross load
Farrants Road, Eviron Booths Road to Eviron Road More than 9 metre in length


Council is responsible 152 traffic bridges and another 154 major culverts and causeways.

Transport for NSW is responsible for Boyds Bay Bridge, Murwillumbah Bridge, Korns Bridge and all the bridges on the Pacific Motorway.

Murwillumbah bridge opening 1968
The opening of Murwillumbah Bridge, October 1968 (NSW Department of Main Roads)