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Are you meeting the target? Why save water?

Meet the target– make every drop count

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We rely on tap water every day - it's the foundation of a healthy community. But our supply is limited by the amount of rain we receive.

Every drop of water is precious.

Even when there are no water restrictions, we urge everyone in the Tweed to use just 160 litres per person a day.

Council is working to secure our future water supply, yet we all share responsibility to save water and the environment.

Are you meeting the target?

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Find out by using our daily water use calculator.

If you aren't meeting Target 160, please save water from today.

There are many ways to make every drop count.

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Why save water?

The Tweed’s population is growing and our climate is changing, with extreme weather and uncertain rainfall becoming more common.

No matter the forecast, we need to save tap water, even when there are no water restrictions.

The Tweed’s water supply

Our beautiful Clarrie Hall Dam was built in 1983.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, at around this time (in 1981) about 40,000 people called the Tweed home. 

Today, almost 100,000 people live in the Tweed, yet the dam’s capacity has not increased.

By 2041, the NSW Government conservatively estimates our population will rise by another 15,000 people.

Planning is underway to secure our future water supply.

Saving water and using it wisely is the most cost-effective way we can cope with growing pressure on our water supply.

That’s why we would like everyone in the Tweed to keep below the target of 160 litres per person a day when there are no water restrictions.

Did you know?

The Tweed’s population has grown by more than 33% – that’s almost 25,000 people – since 2001.

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