Target 160 litres

Target 160 L is Council's water saving campaign.

We’re asking residents to use no more than 160 litres of water a day per person. This is around 16 household buckets.

On average, Tweed residents are using more than 180 litres a day, so we all need to save 3 buckets of water per day. 

See save water indoors and save water outdoors

We all need to use water wisely - our water is a precious, limited resource.

Save water now

Be water smart every time you use water and check for leaks

Saving water now means we’re helping to protect our supply for the future.

Target 160 logoAre you reaching Target 160 L?

Use the calculator below to find out if you’re meeting the target of 160 litres.

You can also read your water meter, and again in 2 weeks time, to find out your water use. 

 Water use is recorded in kilolitres(kL) on your water meter (the black numbers) and on your water bill.