Future water supply

The population of the Tweed is expected to increase substantially in the next 25 years.

To ensure we have enough water to meet this demand, Council is continuing to work to reduce demand through its demand management initiatives while sustainably upgrading and expanding our water supply system.

This includes raising the wall of Clarrie Hall Dam.

Tweed's existing water supply can support a population of around 105,000 people. Given our water usage rates and population forecast, we will be able to meet demand until approximately 2028. By implementing further demand management initiatives we may, at best, extend the life of our existing supply by a couple of years.

Over the past several years, Council has undertaken an extensive assessment of a number of options to extend our water supply before recommending the preferred option to raise the wall of Clarrie Hall Dam. Council adopted this recommendation in December 2015. An Environment Impact Statement for raising the dam is being prepared.

Tweed River

The six options assessed were:

  • Raise Clarrie Hall Dam
  • Build a small Byrrill Creek Dam
  • Build a small Byrrill Creek Dam and raise it at a later date
  • Build a large Byrrill Creek Dam
  • Link to South-East Queensland (SEQ) Water
  • Link to Gold Coast City Council.

View the report to Council: Water Supply Augmentation - Selection of Preferred Option(PDF, 417KB).

The report outlines the results of the assessment and the recommendation to raise the wall of Clarrie Hall Dam.

View an easy-to-read Comparison of Water Supply Augmentation Options(PDF, 42KB)

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