Planning for an emergency

Checklist for emergency kit

Do you know what to do in an emergency? This page will help you prepare for the unexpected(PDF, 8MB).

Individuals and families



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Caravan park evacuation plans

The Emergency and Evacuation Plan(PDF, 932KB) provides a guideline for caravan park operators.

The plan includes emergency contact details, triggers and actions for high risks, equipment and procedures for possible emergencies.

Once you've completed the plan, we recommend contacting us and NSW SES to discuss the details.

Business continuity flow chartBusinesses

Council runs programs for high risk businesses, such as caravan parks and aged care facilities. This includes evacuation plans and warden systems. Contact Council's Local Emergency Management Officer on 02 6670 2400.

Planning for emergencies


  • Do you know your employee’s entitlements during an emergency event?
  • Are your staff members aware of emergency procedures within your workplace?
  • Can your business continue to function if isolated during an emergency event?
  • Will your staff be able to play an active role in your business during an emergency?
  • If the emergency happens after hours can you and your staff work remotely?


  • Is your equipment and resources safe during an emergency event?
  • Can you access your essential equipment in the case of an emergency?
  • How will the loss of telephone and internet services affect your business?
  • Can your business function without power for extended periods?
  • Can your business operate without sewage facilities?

Information storage and retrieval

  • Is your business data regularly backed up?
  • Is your backed up business data only stored on site?
  • Do you have remote access to your business data?
  • What data and information does your business need during an emergency event?
  • How much time and effort will be required to retrieve lost information?


  • Do you have an Emergency Plan?
  • Have you considered evacuation routes for your business and home?
  • Will your business property be accessible during an emergency?
  • Can you safely store you business equipment during an emergency period?
  • Do you know the emergency event history of your business property?
  • What are the current emergency risks to your business property?
  • Have you discussed a continuity plan with other businesses in your area?


  • Have you discussed emergency events with your insurer?
  • Are you covered for a range of emergency situations specific to your property and business?
  • What support is available to your business during and after an emergency event?


  • Can you still service your clients during an emergency situation?
  • Will your reputation be compromised if you cannot service your clients during an emergency event?
  • Are your clients also affected by emergency events?
  • If your business cannot operate, will your customers wait for your business to become functional, or will they go elsewhere?