Ways to pay your bill

There are many ways to pay a Council bill, including via our online portal, ePayment and Property Services.

Payment options are clearly printed on the notice or invoice. Please note:

  • application invoices must be paid online or in person
  • animal registration fees must be paid in person
  • Centrepay (Centrelink benefit) is not available for paying your rates.

Older man on phone paying bills

Online BPAY Direct debit Post Billpay In person By mail Trouble paying? Payment plan Using an old notice

Online - ePayment and Property Services

End of financial year outage

Council’s ePayment and Property Services portal will be unavailable from 4 pm Thursday 27 June to Monday 1 July.

Online eProperty Section 603 certificates will not be issued until the 2024–25 rate levies have been calculated on Monday 15 July. Levy information will be available after this date. Please refrain from lodging applications from Monday 1 July until Tuesday 16 July.

During the outage, our Customer Service staff at Murwillumbah and Tweed Heads are available during business hours to process payments and support application lodgements and enquiries. Visit us or call 02 6670 2400.

Use Council's online portal to pay your:

  • rates
  • water notice
  • sundry debtor notices
  • application invoices

Need help with our online portal?

Download the Customer guide(PDF, 2MB) or watch one of the 'how to' videos.

Online payment process - watch our 6 short 'how to' videos

Watch the video below about paying a rates or water notice, or one of the other ePayment and Property Services 'how to' guides.

BPAY telephone and internet banking

BPay logo

Contact your bank or financial institution to make a payment from your cheque, savings debit or credit card account.

Council's Biller Code is 131 284 and the reference number is on the front of your notice.

For more information visit bpay.com.au.

Direct debit

Direct Debit logo

When you set up a direct debit it means you allow Council to automatically take payments from your bank account or credit card when they are due.

With a direct debit you can relax because you know your rates and water notices will always be paid on time. You can choose to make direct debit payments, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

To set up, alter or cancel a direct debit, complete the online payment plan request or give us a call on 02 6670 2400.

Skip your next scheduled payment

To skip the next scheduled direct debit payment on an existing plan, complete the Payment plan request form. Note Council requires at least 2 business days notice to process your request.

This request will only permit you to skip the next scheduled payment. Should you need to skip multiple payments, please call us.

Post Billpay

Post Billpay logo Visit www.postbillpay.com.au or phone 13 18 16 to pay with Visa, Visa debit or Mastercard.

Council's Postbillpay code is 0575 and the reference number is on the front of your notice. A fee of 0.55% applies for credit card payments.

You can also scan and pay bills with the Australia Post app. Download the free app on your smart phone, tablet or smart watch. Select 'pay your bill', scan the barcode at the bottom of your bill, then enter your payment details.

In person

Australia Post

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. (Australia Post does not accept payment by credit card.)

Council offices

Visit one of our administration offices  at Tweed Heads or Murwillumbah during office hours.

We accept payments by cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard. A fee of 0.55% applies for credit card payments.

By mail

Please make cheques payable to Tweed Shire Council, crossed ‘Not negotiable’ and mail to Tweed Shire Council, PO Box 816, Murwillumbah NSW 2484.

Do not send cash through the mail. Council is not responsible for delays or lost receipts by post.

I'm having problems paying my bills

We understand it can sometimes be difficult to pay household bills.

If you can’t make a payment on your rates, water or sundry debtor notice, please complete the online payment plan form before the due date so we can set up a payment plan that suits you.

Read the terms of agreement below.

If you miss a payment and we have not heard from you, our automatic debt recovery process will begin.

If you need to amend your payment plan, you can do this any time by completing a new payment plan form.

Payment plan

The payment plan request form can be used to:

  • set up a payment plan or arrangement that suits you
  • arrange a direct debit request
  • update your payment plan - you can do this at any time by completing a new payment plan form
  • skip the next scheduled payment on an existing plan - note:
    • Council requires 2 business days notice to process the request
    • this request will only permit you to skip the next scheduled payment
    • should you need to skip multiple payments, contact us.

Terms of agreement

Council appreciates that some ratepayers, due to unforeseen circumstances, cannot pay the rates and charges by the due dates on their rate notice and will accept agreements to pay the account as per the following terms.

  1. Daily interest will be charged on all overdue rates and charges regardless of any payment arrangement.
  2. Payments are not to be missed or decreased without Council's prior agreement. Failure to maintain Council's agreement could result in immediate legal action being taken to recover the debt.
  3. Council will only reply to you if the proposed amount requires further negotiation.
  4. All agreements will be subject to periodic review by Council.
  5. Any debit dishonoured will be reversed from your account and the dishonour fee charged to Council will be passed on to you, as per Council's fees and charges for the financial year in which the dishonour occurs.

Can I use an old notice to pay?

Australia Post can use one of your old rates notices to process a new payment. You can use reference numbers for Post Bill Pay and BPAY from your old rates notices.

Make sure you use your rates notice to pay for land rates, and your water notice to pay for water rates.

Do not use a notice for a property you have sold.