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Always call 000 in case of an emergency situation.

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Welcome to the Tweed’s first official mountain bike park and pump track located at Uki in the Tweed Valley, set amongst the stunning backdrop of Wollumbin / Mt Warning.

No reservations are required to ride at Uki Mountain Bike Park and it’s FREE for all users.

Always ride within your abilities and start on green trails. Only progress to the blue and black trails if you have the skills and experience to ride them.

All riders must wear a helmet and bike safety gear. Other protection equipment is recommended.

Watch the video below and check out some of the photos.

Mountain bike trails

Bikes appropriate for the trail:

  • mountain bikes
  • e-bikes
  • kids’ bikes (pump track)
  • adaptive mountain bikes (4 Rolling trail)
(PDF, 1MB)
Download the map of the trails and general information.

The park covers more than 6.4 km and includes:

  • 8 mountain bike trails:
    • 1 climbing trail (green)
    • 7 descending trails:
      • 3 green trails (beginner)
      • 3 blue trails (more difficult)
      • 1 black diamond trail (very difficult)
  • pump track/skills park - the pump track is for all ages but specifically designed for kids aged 5 – 12 years
  • staging or entry area
  • trail signage, including trail markers, direction signage, park map and rules.

The following is prohibited at the Uki Mountain Bike Park:

  • motorbikes or trail bikes
  • electric scooters
  • dogs
  • horses
  • radio controlled cars
  • walking or hiking on the trails
  • alcohol
  • smoking or e-cigarettes
  • camping and campervans
  • fires

Opening hours and location

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7 days a week, dawn to dusk
165 Smiths Creek Rd, Smiths Creek, NSW 2484

  • The park may close at any time due to weather conditions (rain, wet or muddy tracks, high winds, fire danger). If the tracks become too wet, it becomes too unsafe for riders and unauthorised use can damage trails.
  • The park will be closed during Tweed Valley Mountain Bike Rider Club days and events. These days and events will be published in a banner at the top of this page, on the Tweed Valley MTB Riders website, and on Council’s Facebook page.

Please check the top of this page and our Facebook page for closure information.

Join our Facebook Community Group to stay up to date with park information, hear from other MTB users and add your experiences.

Car parking and access

There is a 500-metre gravel road which runs from Smith Creek Road to the Uki Mountain Bike Park entrance and can easily be accessed by a regular vehicle.

There is free parking at the park for up to 20 cars. Please do not park in adjacent streets or on neighbouring properties. If the car park is full, there is an option to park in the Uki township, which is approximately 3 km away.

There is no shuttle service. Access to the trails is via Trail 1 (T1) which joins up to all trail entrances. Park your car in the designated area and walk your bike to the entrance.

Park information


The Uki Mountain Bike Park welcomes everyone however, there are currently no designated recreation areas to sit if you are a non-rider. A recreation area is planned for the future, dependent on funding.

Wet weather

If the trails are wet, don't ride! Why?

The soils in the area are clay-based. This soil, which makes up most of our trails, does not hold up to wet-weather use like sandy soils do in other areas.

When trails are wet, trail surfaces are susceptible to ruts, compaction and other damage caused by bikes. Please do not enter the park or use the trails during and just after rain. Let the trails dry out!

Trails impacted by those who use them during wet weather will require more maintenance and this means the park will be closed while repairs are completed.


Toilets are available at the park however, there is no accessible toilet. The Uki village has toilets (including accessible toilets). Toilets will be temporary until additional funding can be sourced to construct permanent toilets.


Bring plenty of water with you. However, there is a water bubbler located at the main trail hub near the car park/pump track.

Food and drinks

The closest place to buy food and drinks is in the Uki township, which is approximately 3 km away.


Leave no trace – please take your rubbish with you to look after our environment and wildlife.

Bike hire and repairs

There is no bike hire or repair service at the park. Bring your own bike and repair kit.

Mobile phone reception

Mobile phone coverage will be different for every guest depending on the carrier you are with. For some sections you will have coverage, for some parts you may have a weaker signal and, in some parts, you may have no coverage at all.

In case of emergency, download the Emergency Plus app and know how to enable emergency or SOS functions on your mobile phone.

First aid

Snakes are most active during the warm summer months. Park users are encouraged to carry their own first aid kit or snake bite kit.

First aid for snake bites

In the event of any emergency, including a snake bite, always call 000 or call 112 if you're in a remote area with poor mobile coverage, and ask for an ambulance.

Keep calm, and follow these steps:

  1. Get the person away from the snake.
  2. Ensure they rest and help them to stay calm.
  3. Follow the steps of basic first aid - DRSABCD.
  4. Call triple zero (000) or 112 in remote areas and ask for an ambulance.
  5. Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage. If you can't use a pressure immobilisation bandage because the bite is on the stomach or back, apply constant, firm pressure.

Things you should not do:

  1. Do not wash the bite area - venom left on the skin and clothing can help identify the snake.
  2. Do not apply a tourniquet (a strap to stop blood flow)
  3. Do not cut the wound
  4. Do not try to suck the venom (poison) out.

For more advice visit

Video and photos

The Tweed Shire Council community facility is operated in partnership with Tweed Valley Mountain Bike Riders (TVMTBR) and located on Council-owned operational land.

All trails have been constructed to International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) trail construction standards.

The facility is part of Council’s commitment to providing our community with opportunities to be active and healthy, as well as ensuring the Tweed is a vibrant place to live and visit.

The project has been made possible thanks to a $430,000 grant awarded through the NSW Office of Sport – Regional Sports Facility Fund 2021-22.