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Reducing waste to landfill saves money. It’s simply good business.

NSW businesses send more than 2.5 million tonnes of business waste to landfill each year. Around 70% of that could be recycled or composted.

It’s cheaper to recycle packaging and food scraps than sending it to landfill. And it’s easier than you might think.

Single-use plastics ban

1 November 2022 - Let’s stop it and swap it

Plastic packaging and single-use items make up 60% of all litter in NSW, so from 1 November 2022 businesses and community organisations can no longer use or supply a range of single-use plastic items. The ban will include single-use plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, bowls and plates, polystyrene food service containers, cups, cotton buds, personal care products containing plastic microbeads.

Consumers are asked to swap single-use plastic items for reusable and sustainable alternatives to reduce the amount of waste we are generating.

This ban follows the lightweight plastic bag ban in place since 1 June 2022.

By changing our behaviour and the choices we make, we can make a huge collective difference to our environment.

For more information visit the NSW EPA website.

Q & A sessions about the single-use plastics ban

The National Retail Association is holding weekly Q & A sessions on Friday at 10 am AEST. These session are open to all businesses, community organisations and other impacted stakeholders to ask questions about the single-use plastics ban and how to prepare. Register now.

Business waste program

Circulate Northern Rivers works with businesses to reduce waste, increase recycling and identify and support Circular Economy opportunities for business across the region.

Businesses will receive: 

  • a waste report for your business
  • a waste management plan
  • staff survey templates
  • waste assessment forms 
  • ongoing support 

This service is free and available to all Northern Rivers businesses. 

The project also provides connections to other businesses, and support to access funding opportunities for making change.

Contact the project coordinator.

Tips to cut waste in your business

Let your customers know

Remember to promote your recycling and sustainability efforts to customers.

  1. Carry out an audit to understand exactly how much waste your business creates.
  2. Ask staff for ideas on how to use less and recycle more.
  3. Set measurable targets to reduce your waste streams.
  4. Communicate the targets to staff and get everyone on board.
  5. Label bins and put signs in place.
  6. Measure success as you become a more sustainable business.

Waste collection for businesses

Contact us

Call Council’s
Resource Recovery Unit
on 02 6670 2400.

Council offers wheelie bin collection services for businesses. Bins are available in a range of sizes. Other companies offer cages, bags and bulk bin services. 

  • Recycling bin: clean paper, cardboard, metal tins, cans, glass bottles, plastic containers and bottles (no coffee cups)
  • Organics bin: all food scraps, cardboard, paper towel, garden and lawn clippings (no coffee cups)
  • Landfill bin: items that can’t be recycled, reused or composted
  • Paper or cardboard recycling: clean paper and cardboard only (not available through Council)  

Recycle more and minimise your waste to landfill

Bulk bin size Equal to this many 360L recycling bins Equal to this many 240L recycling bins
1 - 0.76 cubic metres or 760L 2 3
2 - 1.52 cubic metres or 1520L 4 6
3 - 2.28 cubic metres or 2280L 6 9
4 - 3.04 cubic metres or 3040L 8 12

What can be recycled?

See green bin, yellow bin and other recycling 
or search the
Waste Wizard to find out
what goes where.

Cost for waste services

See Council’s
fees and charges

For private providers, search ‘rubbish removal’.

Environmental benefits 

Find out how much your organisation has saved by sending less waste to landfill using this
online calculator.

Signs for bins

Click on the images below to download bin signs for your business.

Organics bin sign(PDF, 3MB) Recycling bin sign(PDF, 5MB) Landfill bin sign(PDF, 4MB)