Council elections

Person holding vote card for elections

Local government elections were held on Saturday 4 December 2021

The NSW Local Government elections took place on Saturday 4 December 2021, after the previous election dates were postponed due to COVID-19. 

The declaration of the poll(PDF, 412KB) occurred on 21 December 2021. 

Tweed Shire’s councillors can be found on our councillors page.

The postponement of the upcoming election will not change the future schedule of council elections, and the subsequent election will still proceed in September 2024.

The NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) administers the election on behalf of Councils across NSW. For more information visit the NSWEC website or call 1300 135 736 for all general enquiries.

Candidates Venues and early voting Non-residents 

Who ran as a candidate for Council?

A total of 58 candidates contested the Tweed Shire Council election on 4 December following finalisation of the ballot sheet by the NSW Electoral Commission.

The candidates made up 13 grouped tickets, with 2 candidates running as individuals.

Details on candidates can be viewed on the NSWEC website.

All 7 councillor positions at Tweed Shire Council were contested at the poll. Councillors elected in December 2021 will serve a reduced term of 2 years and 8 months as a result of the postponement of the 2020 election due to COVID-19.

Where to vote and early voting options

Voting is compulsory in local government elections. Early voting or pre-polling was available from Monday 22 November to Friday 3 December 2021 from 9 am to 5 pm (closed Sunday 28 November). Any person enrolled to vote may vote by pre-poll.

There were 5 pre-polling venues across the Tweed:

  1. NSW Electoral Commission Returning Office: Seagulls Club, Gollan Drive, Tweed Heads West
  2. The Hub Baptist Centre, 19/20 Corporation Circuit, Tweed Heads South
  3. Twin Towns Masonic Centre, 8 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads
  4. Canvas and Kettle Room, Murwillumbah Civic Centre, Tumbulgum Road, Murwillumbah
  5. Casuarina Beach Hockey Club, Barclay Drive, Casuarina

Postal voting and iVote

Postal voting closed at 5 pm on Monday 29 November. 

To check your eligibility for postal and iVote arrangements, visit the NSWEC website.

Non-residential roll

If you live outside the Shire but own rateable property in the Tweed, you are entitled to vote in local government elections. However, it is not compulsory to do so.

Similarly, eligible occupiers and ratepaying lessees are also entitled to vote in council elections. Find out who is eligible to be on a non-residential roll(PDF, 67KB).

Unlike the normal residential roll, the non-residential roll is not maintained by the NSW Electoral Commission, but by individual councils.

The deadline for registering details on the non-residential roll closed at 6 pm (AEST) on Monday 25 October 2021. Those interested in viewing the finalised non-residential roll can do so in person by visiting Council’s Customer Contact Centre at either Murwillumbah Civic Centre or Tweed Heads Administration Office.

Elections for Tweed Shire Councillors

Tweed Shire Council is governed by 7 Councillors who are elected to represent the shire (there are no wards or divisions).

The election process is managed by the NSW Electoral Commission.

Our Councillors are usually elected for a 4-year term of office., with the next NSW Local Government election held in September 2024.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by the Councillors in a process managed by Tweed Shire Council.

The Mayor is elected at the first meeting of the Council for a period of 2 years, while the Deputy Mayor is elected for 1 year.

Frequently asked questions

Who do I contact for more information?

The NSW Electoral Commission is tasked with administering the election on behalf of Councils across NSW. There is a host of information about the election, including how to register to vote, on their website. Contact the NSWEC at or via the hotline numbers:

What precautions are being taken to ensure the poll is COVID Safe?

The NSW Electoral Commission has an extensive COVID Safe plan in place, including:

  • Service NSW QR codes
  • Larger voting poll venues to accommodate physical distancing
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers, cleaning down of screens and general areas
  • Single use pens handed out, encouraging voters to bring own pens
  • Face masks for people who want to wear them

How many Councillors do I vote for?

Our Council is governed by 7 Councillors, who are elected for a 4-year term of office, with all positions to be contested at this poll. There are no wards or divisions in the Tweed Council.

Where can I vote?

Polling stations will be conveniently located across the Shire. To find your nearest polling station, visit the NSW Electoral Commission website closer to the election at

Can I vote early?

Pre-poll voting will be available at least 2 weeks ahead of the election.

For more information, visit

I’m not going to be in the Tweed on 4 December, can I vote anywhere else?

No. Out of area (absent) voting is not available at local government elections in NSW.

You must vote in your Council area or use an early voting option.

Can I vote by post?

Yes, postal voting is available for eligible residents. To find out if you are eligible for a postal vote visit

Will I be fined if I don’t vote?

If you don’t vote in a Council election and you don’t have a valid reason, you will be fined $55 by the NSW Electoral Commission.

Can I vote in the election if I own rateable property in the Tweed but don’t live there?

Yes, non-residential voters can enrol to vote in local government elections, and these electoral rolls are maintained by individual councils.

Voting is not compulsory for people on the non-residential roll. Claims for enrolment as an owner, ratepaying lessee or occupier of rateable land in Tweed Shire Council must be received by the General Manager on or before 6 pm (AEST) Monday 25 October 2021.

Is Tweed Shire Council the contact for NSW State Elections?

Council is not the contact for NSW State Elections, it is the NSW Electoral Commission.