Waste Wizard - what goes where?

Waste Wizard icon Not sure how to dispose of something? It can be confusing!

Search our Waste Wizard to find out ‘what goes where’.

If the Waste Wizard can’t find your item, we will do the investigating for you. Take a photo and email it to waste@tweed.nsw.gov.au.

Top tips to recycle more

  • Show your kids how to become ‘waste detectives’ using our Waste Wizard (above).
  • Use Council’s on-call kerbside collection service to have larger household items picked up.
  • Items in good condition can often be sold, given away, or donated to charity.

Beyond the bin

Many businesses let you drop off items for recycling:

  • household batteries, printer cartridges and mobile phones can be dropped at Council’s Administration centres
  • mobile phones, electronic waste, pens and markers can be dropped in bins at Officeworks
  • soft plastics can be dropped at Woolworths and Coles supermarkets.