Rates and charges

Find out about the Special Rate Variation and to see the effect of the latest land valuation, check out our General Rate calculator.

Note: Additional funding from the Special Rate Variation will be used to cover the costs of mandatory requirements for current services. This includes additional cyber security, an essential IT upgrade, additional planning staff, increased insurance premiums, and to cover the cost of the removal of the Environmental Enforcement Levy.

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Your rates help to make the Tweed a great place to live, work and play.

Council collects rates to fund local infrastructure and services. See how your rates are spent.

All councils must levy rates each year on all rateable land under the Local Government Act 1993.

When are my rates due?

Council calculates rates each year.

You can choose to pay the full amount in one payment by 31 August, or you can make 4 smaller payments during the year (quarterly).

Payment by instalments - quarterly dates

Notices are mailed out 30 days before payment is due. Go paperless and receive your notices sooner (email is faster than the posties).

Instalment number Payment due date
First instalment 31 August
Second instalment 30 November
Third instalment 28 February
Fourth instalment 31 May

Note: If the due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payment is due the next working day.

Your rates notice explained

About your rates notice

Section 1

Date of issue

Rates notice explained - Top right The date Council issued your rates.

Valuation base date

The date the land was valued. For information visit www.valuergeneral.nsw.gov.au or to discuss your land value call 1800 110 038.

Rating category

Land within the Tweed is categorised as either ‘Residential’, ‘Business’, ‘Farmland’ or ‘Mining’. This determines the rate you are charged.

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Section 2

Property identifier

Rates notice explained - Section 2 - Top right A unique property number to identify your rates account. Please quote when making enquiries about your rates or water account.

Total amount due

Amount due, if paying in full.

Due date

This applies to either the full rate amount or the first instalment amount (see 3).

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Section 3

Instalment dates and amounts

The dates and amounts due if paying by quarterly instalments. Council will send reminder Instalment Notices for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th instalments 30 days before they fall due.

Rates noticed explained - Section 3 - Amounts

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Section 4

A list of rates and service charges payable on your property.

Rates notice explained - Section 4 - Summary

General rate

Calculated by multiplying your land value by the rate set by Council. If your rate calculation is less than the minimum rate you will be charged the minimum rate.

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Section 5

Deduct payments since

Rates notice explained - Section 5 - Deduct The date on which information for your rate notice was extracted from Council’s database, any transaction after that date will not show on this notice.

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Section 6

Payment options

Some of the ways you can pay your rates. See the back page of your rates notice for the full list of payment methods.

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Rates notice or water notice?

Your rates notice is different to your water notice.

Tweed ratepayers receive a quarterly water and sewerage notice.

See water billing and charges and payment plan if you're having problems paying your bills. 

Can Council change the name on my rates notice?

No. Names on rate notices are drawn from the property title deed.

Land title records are managed by NSW Land Registry Services. Council is notified if the name on a title deed changes, and our records are updated.  

603 certificate

A 603 certificate is often needed during the sale of a property.

It shows if there are any outstanding Council fees, rates or charges for a property (Lot and DP).

See buying or selling a property.

Video: Your rates notice explained (4 mins)

Ways to pay

Check the back of your notice or see ways to pay.

Note: Centrepay is not available for paying your rates.
There's no GST for rates and charges on residential rates notices.

I’m having problems paying my bills

We understand it can sometimes be difficult to pay household bills.

If you can’t make a payment on your rates, water or sundry debtor notice, please complete the online payment plan form before the due date so we can set up a payment plan that suits you.

If you miss a payment and we have not heard from you, our automatic debt recovery process will begin.

If you need to amend your payment plan, you can do this any time by completing a new payment plan form.

Can I use an old notice to pay?

Australia Post can use one of your old rates notices process a new payment. You can use reference numbers for Post Bill Pay and BPAY from your old rates notices.

Make sure you use your rates notice to pay for land rates, and your water notice to pay for water rates.

Do not use a notice for a property you have sold.

Pay on time (or pay interest)

If you don’t pay your rates or water by the due date, you will have to pay interest as well (interest increases daily).

The interest rate is set by the Division of Local Government.

Where are my water use charges?

Tweed ratepayers receive a water and sewerage notice (which is different to your rates notice).

Water and sewerage notices are issued quarterly.

See water use and billing and payment plan if you're having problems paying your bills.


If you have a question about your rates notice, a refund or making a payment contact us.

If you have overpaid your rates, you can transfer the amount onto your water account (and vice versa). Call 02 6670 2400 to arrange this.