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Arts and culture

A newsletter distributed 3 times a year that promotes Council’s arts and culture programs, activities, music and events. Keep in touch with external news and opportunities from across the Tweed.

Arts and Culture newsletter - August 2022

Arts and Culture newsletter - September 2021

Arts and Culture Newsletter

Arts and Culture newsletter October 2020

Arts and Culture Newsletter – June 2020

Newsletter - Arts and Culture

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Business: Succeed in the Tweed

A monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with business news and events across the Tweed, as well as external opportunities.

Business Newsletter May 2023

All the latest in Tweed business news | March 2023

All the latest in Tweed business news

All the latest in Tweed business news

Business newsletter - July 2022

Newsletter - Business

Read more about business and investing in the Tweed

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