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Contact us immediately on 02 6670 2400 for any urgent issues, including:

Illegal dumping

  • sewer blockages and overflows
  • serious water supply issues: leaks, no supply, poor quality, unable to turn meter on/off
  • dog attacks and roaming animals
  • pollution
  • any issue that poses risk or immediate threat.

Find the category you need below and follow the prompts to report a problem online. You can save your progress at any time and return later.

Contact us if you have any difficulties and view other alerts and notifications.


Business, property and animals

Roads, signs and rubbish

Water and sewer

Illegal activity

Illegal activity covers a broad range of topics and areas within Council, please complete this form if you have any concerns about:

  • Beach use
  • Building
  • Camping
  • Dumping
  • Hours of operation
  • Land clearing or use
  • Parking
For illegal signage see Road, traffic, signs and naturestrip.


If your concerns are not covered above please contact us to discuss further.