How you can take climate action

Small climate actions can collectively make a big difference and will demonstrate to government and business the community appetite for change. 

Did you know that in the Tweed?

77% nearly always wash clothes in cold water, not hot

save around 800 kg GHGs each year

45% nearly always turn off ‘stand by’ power

save around 270 kg GHGs each year

85% nearly always carry their own reusable drink container

save around 230 kg GHGs each year

63% nearly always refuse single use plastic products

save around 63 kg GHGs each year

47% eat a low carbon footprint

save around 5,375 kg GHGs each year

79% grow some of their own fruit, vegetables or herbs

save around 40 kg GHGs each year

Over 50% of households have installed solar

save nearly 7,000 kg GHGs each year

11.5% have an electric or hybrid engine car

save over 3,000 kg GHG each year

Get involved in Tweed’s Community Action Network

Tweed Shire Council is facilitating a Community Action Network to support individuals and community groups in positive steps towards climate action.

With a focus on place-based solutions, enabling existing community groups and providing resources and education, Council would like the forums to empower individuals and groups to take action and progress projects.

Find out more about the current meetings and projects of this network on the Your Say Tweed page.

Actions you can take