Recreational blue-green algae alerts

Being safe is the foundation of a healthy Tweed.

Whenever we detect a blue-green algae bloom:

  • do not use water from the affected waterway for domestic use or livestock
  • do not eat fish including shellfish from the affected waterway
  • do not swim in or undertake recreational activities that involve contact with the affected waterway
  • keep animals away.

Never drink untreated dam or river water.

If you come into contact with algae, rinse it off with fresh water. Seek medical advice if symptoms appear.

Affected water may look like it has green, paint-like scum on the water or near the edges, or greenish clumps throughout the water. It can smell musty.

Alert types explained


No current blue-green algae alerts at this site.


Blue-green algae detected. Water safe for domestic, stock and recreational use.


Blue-green algae multiplying. Water has green tinge and musty or organic taste and odour.

Treat before consuming by humans and stock. While the water remains suitable for recreational use Council may install precautionary warning signs at some sites.


Bloom conditions. Green water with strong, musty or organically polluted smell. Visible blue-green algae clumps or scum.

Treat as toxic to humans and animals. Not safe for potable water supply (without prior treatment), stock watering, or for recreation.


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