Access to information

Access to information

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Members of the public have a right to access certain government information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

Read more about accessing NSW government information on the Information and Privacy Commission website.

How you can access Council information

When asking for information from us, we'll either direct you to where the information is located or ask you to submit an Informal Access Request.

You will be offered the opportunity to arrange an appointment to inspect the information at Council's Murwillumbah Administration Office. Charges for copies of information may apply.

In limited circumstances, you may be required to lodge a Formal Access Application(PDF, 66KB). A fee is payable on application and additional processing charges may apply.

Development applications

Visit the DA tracker and property search website for development application information. (Applications lodged between 1 July 2009 and 1 December 2016 only have basic information).

Further information can be accessed using the process above.

Agency information guide

The GIPAA Agency Information Guide(PDF, 413KB) describes the structure and functions of Council, the types of information we hold and how people can access it.

Council documents

Documents about Council that have been tabled in Parliament:

Council policies

Council is required by legislation to have certain policies available to the public.

Policies are reviewed at least every 4 years and amended or deleted as required. Any changes to policies must be adopted by Council.

See Council policies

Council general documents

Registers and disclosure

The following registers are available on our website or informally through a Right to Information Officer:

Disclosure log

Agencies need to set up a disclosure log showing what information has been released in response to formal access applications, when it was released and whether other members of the public can also have access to it.

Formal access application log

Tweed Shire Council formal access application determinations under GIPAA.

227 Result(s) Found

Reference number 280

20 July 2023

Information requested:

Copy of all correspondence regarding illegal work-8/1 Falcon Way, THS


Access granted to 3 unredacted and 5 redacted documents

Reference number 266

30 June 2023

Information requested:

Information regarding DRA22/0240 & ILL22/0732


Access granted to redacted & unredacted documents released under appeal to IPC

Reference number 284

30 June 2023

Information requested:

Copies of all building, development applications-116 Murwillumbah St


Access granted to 7 unredacted documents, 4 documents withheld & 1 view only (copyright)

Reference number 283

19 June 2023

Information requested:

Copies of all complaints-27 River St, Murwillumbah


Access granted to 2 Redacted documents, Access withheld to 1 document

Reference number 282

13 June 2023

Information requested:

Request copy of BLD22/0120- 143 Everinghams Rd, Pumpenbil


Access granted to 1 anonymous unredacted document

Reference number 281

6 June 2023

Information requested:

Unauthorized earthworks complaint-781 Upper Burringbar Rd


Access granted to 1 redacted document

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Register of Government contracts

The Council Contracts Register(PDF, 203KB) contains information on those contracts to which Council is a party and valued at or over $150,000. The Contracts Register applies to Class 1, 2 and 3 contracts. The information contained in the register for each class is summarised by:

  • Class 1 - details of the contract itself must be published, including name and address of the contractor, effective contract date and duration, particulars of project under the contract, estimated amount payable
  • Class 2 - details of the contract where there has been substantial renegotiation of terms after a tender process or contracts that will be privately financed
  • Class 3 - details of contracts at $5 million or above and the register in addition to applicable information, must include a copy of the contract.

Political donations and gifts

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, people who make planning or development related applications to Council must declare political donations or gifts made to Councillors or Council staff.

Declarations are made to the NSW Electoral Commission.

You can search the register of Political Donations and Gifts on the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Use the Political donations and gifts disclosure statement(PDF, 1MB) to declare a political donation or gift.

Returns of interests

Councillors and designated persons are required to prepare and submit written returns of interest (returns) within 3 months after:

  • becoming a Councillor or designated person
  • 30 June of each year
  • becoming aware of an interest they are required to disclose1

The returns are publicly available on the Council’s website free of charge2.

Public interest test

The returns may contain personal information about the person concerned, and, potentially, about third parties such as family members. The Councillor or designated person has the right to object to the release of this information.

In these cases the ‘public interest test’ is applied and the returns have been edited where it has been determined that there is an overriding public interest against disclosure3.

Councillor fee

The Office of Local Government (OLG) provided advice that Councillors did not need to disclose their fee as a Councillor under Part B – Sources of income4. Some Councillors have chosen to include this information while others have not.

This information is already publicly reported, with the most recent report on the Mayor and Councillor Annual Fees for 2023/2024 being reported to the 22 June 2023 Council meeting.

Councillor expenses for the year ended June 2023 are detailed below:

Cr Brinsmead Cr Byrnes Cr Cherry Cr Dennis Cr Firth Cr Owen Cr Polglase Non Specific Grand Total
Groceries, catering, meals           8,580 8,580
Interstate training, conferences, meetings 5,812   3,369 33 2,561 3,515     15,290
Phone & internet 3,333 1,715 2,585 1,023 500 2,471 1,857   13,484
Expenses 6,674 813 2,862 7,188 4,820 4,818 7,847 3,783 38,805
Training & induction 7,068 705 2,370 855 2,055 1,796 1,455   16,305
Intrastate (NSW) training, conferences, meetings 1,453   9,485 1,560 5,925 3,473 2,218 27 24,141
Grand Total 24,340 3,233 20,671 10,659 15,861 16,073 13,377 12,390 116,604
  • Total excludes insurance premium as Councillors are included in Council's insurance policy for Councillors and Officers.
  • Total excludes Mayoral Vehicle $13,126 – weekly lease payment of $53.43 made by the Mayor for use of the Mayoral Vehicle. Amount excludes fuel expenses.
  • Administrative support provided by the PA to Mayor and Councillors.

For further information call Council’s Coordinator Governance and Information on 02 6670 2400 or email


1 Refer to Part 4 of Code of Conduct for Councillors (Model) Policy, Code of Conduct for Council Staff (Model) Policy and Code of Conduct for Council Committee Members, Delegates of Council and Council Advisers (Model) Policy.

2 In accordance with the open access information requirements under Clause 1(2)(a) of Schedule 1 to the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2018.

3 In accordance with section 6(4) of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

4 Model Code of Conduct For Local Councils in NSW – A Guide to Completing Returns of Interests – 2020.

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