Invasive animals

The Northern Rivers has the second largest number of invasive animal issues in Australia (Northern River CMA 2008) and the critical role the community has to play in managing invasive animals is now well recognised.

In recognition of this, Tweed Shire Councils vertebrate pest management program:

  • undertakes management of declared pests and other ecologically significant invasive species on Council managed land
  • provides training and, where possible, tools for participating landholders to implement control measures on their property
  • coordinates on-ground, cross tenure, control works at strategic sites

The species included below are some of the invasive species threatening our local ecosystems:

Frequently asked questions

Can I hire animal traps for invasive or pest animals?

Council are not currently hiring out any animal traps. Please contact us on 02 6670 2400 for further information.

Can a fox be kept as a pet?

No, as foxes are a declared pest under the NSW Local Land Services Act 2013.

Contact NSW Local Land Services on 02 6623 3900 for more information.