Planning and reporting to the community

Planning for the future Tracking our progress

Council plans for a sustainable future whilst keeping the community informed along the way.

We follow the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework, which guides the way councils in NSW document their plans for the future and report on their progress.

The plans in the IP&R Framework define the vision for councils, and the goals and strategic actions to achieve them.

Planning for the future of the Tweed

Shaping our future - Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan 2022-2032 (CSP) is Council’s key strategic planning document and guides the future direction of the Tweed for the next 10 years and describes the community’s vision and aspirations for the Tweed.

It also describes our priorities and the approach we will take to achieve the community’s long-term vision for the Tweed.

CSP on a page

This handy CSP on a page(PDF, 91KB) provides a quick snapshot of the full plan to give you a brief understanding of the key streams and goals.

Read more about how we engage with the community.

Delivering our future

The Delivery Program 2023-2026 and Operational Plan 2023-2024 describes the projects and services that are priorities for the current Council term.

It also details key actions, significant projects, budget and resource allocation that Council will deliver to work toward realising the long-term goals outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.

Supporting documents

Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plans help Council manage its infrastructure and other assets to an agreed standard of service.

Tracking our progress

Follow our progress on working toward achieving the community’s vision for the future of the Tweed.

Annual summary

Council Matters 2023 - Annual summary(PDF, 2MB)

Council Matters annual summary(PDF, 2MB)

Quarterly review

Every 3 months we share an update of what we have delivered based on the commitments Council made in the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

We also share a Quarterly Review Summary Infographic to make it easy for you to get a quick snapshot of our progress.


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Annual Report

View the Annual Report and other financial reports.

State of the Shire Report

The State of the Shire Report outlines the progress made during the elected Council's term of office (usually 4 years) towards achieving the goals outlined in the Community Strategic Plan.