Planning and reporting to the community

Delivery program - living and loving the Tweed

The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) framework guides the way councils in NSW document their plans for the future and report on their progress.

The plans in the IP&R Framework define our vision, and the goals and strategic actions to achieve them.

It also involves a reporting structure to communicate our progress to Council and the community, as well as a structured timeline for reviews to ensure the goals and actions are still relevant.

Planning for the future of the Tweed

10 year plan and outlook - Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan 2017-2027(PDF, 4MB) (the Plan) is the overarching, visionary document in Council’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework. It translates the community’s key priorities and aspirations into long-term strategic goals that guide the future direction of the Tweed.

Environmental protection and stronger communities were leading concerns identified during community engagement to create the plan.

5 year strategies and actions - Delivery Program

The Delivery Program 2017–2022 and Operational Plan 2021-2022(PDF, 5MB) details Council’s role in the delivery of projects and services during the 5-year term of the elected council, to realise long-term strategic goals.

They detail the delivery of planned projects and services for each year, aligning each action to a budget and outlining any other resourcing issues. Each activity is also assigned to a Council officer who is responsible for its delivery.

Reporting on the delivery of the Plan

Annual and end of term reports

To view the Annual Report, End of Term Report and other financial statements, head to annual and financial reports.

The End of Term Report outlines the progress made towards achievement of the Community Strategic Plan during the elected Council's term of office (usually 4 years).

Quarterly performance reports

These reports provide a quarterly progress review on Council's performance relative to:

  • Council's long term sustainability
  • Council's achievements in implementing the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.