Cemetery locations

To meet the ongoing needs of the Tweed community, now and into the future, Council actively operates 3 sites:

All of these sites offer peaceful, scenic settings, quality, cost effective services, and respectful, discreet and professional staff.

Murwillumbah Lawn and Tweed Heads Lawn cemeteries have reopened for new allotments and have regular ‘re-openings’. They have reserved burial sites and permanent locations for ashes.

A variety of new permanent sites for ashes are being developed at the Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah and Tweed Valley Cemeteries, to complement the crematorium and other cemetery services offered by Council.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I reserve a burial site for future use?

Yes, you will need to fill out an Application for Burial Reservation form and pay the minimum of the first burial fee to reserve the site.

Application forms are available on Council's website. Contact the Cemetery Administrator on 02 6670 2400 or email cemeteries@tweed.nsw.gov.au to choose a site.

How much does a burial site cost?

Fees for burials vary according to the cemetery and type of burial.

How much does an ash interment site cost?

The cost of ash interments varies according to the cemetery and the site you wish to reserve.

Can I leave trinkets on a plaque or gravesite?

No. Council's policy does not allow for trinkets to be left on plaques and grave sites. This helps to ensure sites are maintained and attractive for all visitors. In the past, trinkets have dominated individual sites and impacted upon adjacent sites. They can also deteriorate and look untidy over time.

Council's Cemeteries Policy states:

You are not allowed to leave vases, glass jars, ceramic containers, statues, metal containers etc in the cemetery. For workplace health and safety reasons, such items will be removed without notice. Families may supply their own vases, provided they are made of non-breakable material such as plastic, copper or stainless steel and have a spike on the base to stop them tipping over. Artificial flowers are NOT permitted and will be removed without notice.

How do I book a burial?

A funeral director can help you book a burial. A burial permit is necessary for a burial at one of Council's cemeteries and these permits must be arranged by a funeral director.