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Level 1 - When dam falls below 85% capacity

Level 2 - When dam falls below 75% capacity

Level 3 - When dam falls below 65% capacity

Level 4 - When dam falls below 55% capacity

There are currently no water restrictions. But please be mindful of your water use and follow our water saving for business advice.

When restrictions are in force, Tweed businesses must comply with:

Rules also apply to large water users.

There are fines for not complying

In limited circumstances, Council may grant exemptions from water restrictions, usually for a specific action at a specific time. Apply online.

During water restrictions, washing down hard surfaces such as windows, walls, pathways, paved areas and driveways with a hose is banned and requesting a permit for hosing down hard surfaces purely for appearance will be declined.

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If you have questions, please contact Council.

Download the water restrictions table(PDF, 283KB) for a print-ready version of all water restrictions across each level.

Large water users

If you use more than 50,000 litres a day, you must have a Council-approved water efficiency management plan to operate. Contact Council to find out more.

If you use less than 25,000 litres a day, Council may audit your water use.

You may need to install sub-meters on equipment that uses significant water.

Fines for not complying

Failing to comply with water restrictions may result in a $2,200 fine. Repeated misuse of water may result in the water service being restricted and in extreme cases, disconnected.

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