Business water restrictions

Carting water is banned from both the Tyalgum and Uki Water Supplies.

There are no current water restrictions for the main Tweed supply.

Business permits will no longer be issued. Businesses with a Level 2 Restriction permit are now expired. For ways you can save water around your business, see Water saving for business

Restriction levels

Level 1 - If the dam reaches around 85% capacity

Businesses essentially have to comply with all residential water restrictions with the exception that they can:

  • water gardens (60 minutes a day) between 5-7am BUT no watering of lawns
  • wash windows (using bucket)
  • wash passenger vehicle using bucket or with a low-flow pressure cleaner

And for health and safety reasons or for sale/lease, businesses can:

  • wash the external elements of their building with a low-flow pressure cleaner
  • wash a paved area, footpath or driveway with a low-flow pressure cleaner

Find useful tips and helpful ways to reduce water use on our water saving for business page, including how to request a free water audit.

Public facilities

  • Watering sportsgrounds, playing fields and golf fairways
Limited use
  • Cricket pitches, tennis courts, bowls and golf greens, public gardens – sprinklers or hand-held hoses between 5-7am for 60 minutes/day
  • Public swimming pool – top-ups permitted
  • Bathrooms, toilets, urinals, kitchens, barbecues and laundromats should have WELS-rated fittings
  • Urinals must be flush-on-demand only
  • Public outdoor showers and taps

Level 1 restrictions by business type

If you have any questions or your business type isn't listed below, please contact Council.






Level 2 - If the dam reaches around 75% capacity

Level 3 - If the dam reaches around 65% capacity

Level 4 - If the dam reaches around 55% capacity

Fines for not complying with water restrictions

Failing to comply with water restrictions may result in a $220 fine. Repeated misuse of water may result in the water service being restricted and in extreme cases, disconnected. Please contact Council to report any breach of water restrictions.