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Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery Kookaburra memorial

Tweed Shire Council offers a full list of high-quality and cost-effective services, whether you are planning ahead for your own funeral or farewelling a loved one.

We also provide:

  • a private meeting room at Tweed Valley Lawn Cemetery to discuss your needs with our Cemeteries Administrator
  • all paper work and legal processes in relation to Applications for Perpetual Interment (burials and cremations)
  • information about Funeral Directors, Ministers of Religion and celebrants in the area.

Please note that services and requirements may be different in other States and Territories, and in other Local Government areas.


A modern crematorium and viewing room is located at Tweed Valley Lawn Cemetery.

To reserve your cremation email your name and phone number to cemeteries@tweed.nsw.gov.au requesting a call back. The cost to reserve a cremation is $110.

At the time of need your funeral director will manage the cremation on your behalf.


A variety of picturesque burial sites are available at the Tweed Valley Lawn, Murwillumbah Lawn and Tweed Heads Lawn cemeteries.

Permanent and picturesque locations for ashes

Tweed Valley Lawn Cemetery has a large choice of ashes interment sites including:

  • tranquil memorial lawns and gardens
  • memorial walks (rainforest, creek, cordyline)
  • tree memorials (for individuals and families)
  • memorial walls and ‘books’

Ash sites are available in the flower garden at Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery. A new granite memorial wall, with upper and lower levels, is now available at the Cemetery.

Murwillumbah Lawn Cemetery ashes

A columbarium wall is available at Murwillumbah General Cemetery.

An ashes interment site is available at Tweed Heads.

All cemeteries:

  • Ashes may be scattered within a cemetery's ground and the cremation registered for historical purposes
  • Ashes may also be interred into an existing gravesite for other members of the family

Plaques, urns and memorials

Plaques, urns and memorials are available by contacting cemetery administration by phone on 02 6670 2400 or email at cemeteries@tweed.nsw.gov.au

Chapel and wake services

The NSW Government COVID-19 rules for the Tweed Local Government Area:

  • Anyone can attend funerals. There is no requirement to be fully vaccinated or show proof of your vaccination status.
  • Density limits no longer apply to funerals and memorials. There are no restrictions on singing.

An historic, non-denominational chapel at at Tweed Valley Lawn Cemetery is perfect for funeral services, wakes and other gatherings of family and friends. It offers seating for up to 124 people, audio-visual equipment and kitchen facilities.

In addition, standing room is available on the chapel's verandah, where speakers ensure guests can hear the service inside.

Tweed Valley Cemetery chapel interior

The chapel includes a kitchen - equipped with an urn, microwave, fridge and sinks. Tea, coffee, sugar, paper cups and plastic teaspoons are supplied. However, catering must be organised by hirers of the facility.

Bookings are for up to 3 hour sessions. Afternoon sessions are to be concluded by 4.00 pm unless specifically organised to go outside of office hours which will incur after hours fees.

For bookings contact the Cemetery Administrator by phone on 02 6670 2400 or email at cemeteries@tweed.nsw.gov.au.

Application for chapel hire(PDF, 174KB)

Online streaming options

Funeral services from the Tweed Valley Cemetery Chapel can now be live-streamed around the world.

Family and friends who can’t attend a service in person can live-stream the event online or watch it at a later date, using a private link that can be shared with guests. Current for 90 days, a link to the recorded service can also be viewed by family and friends at any time.

For more information contact the cemeteries team on 02 6670 2400 or email at cemeteries@tweed.nsw.gov.au.

Family history searches

To help you find out more about your family members interred at our cemeteries, Council offers family history searches for a fee.

Cemetery research application(PDF, 173KB)

Other family research websites include:

Frequently asked questions

What is a cremation?

Cremation is a process that employs extremely high temperatures to reduce a deceased's body to basic molecules. This is achieved in a cremation furnace that generates heat to around 1000 degrees Celsius to reduce the body and coffin to its base molecules.

The remains are then collected (raked) into a metal container and allowed to cool. When cool the remains are placed into a machine to produce what is referred to as "Ash". The consistency of the bulk of the ash ranges from coarse grit to powder.

Health Department Regulations specify that only one body and casket can be cremated at a time. The cremated remains are collected individually and kept separate through to the return of ashes to the family/loved ones.

While the remains from this process are referred to as "ashes" they are in fact the deceased bones reduced to a finer consistency and assist in further memorialization, scattering of ashes and so on.

Who has the authority to direct the method of disposal of the cremated remains?

Instructions regarding the disposal of cremated remains will only be accepted from the person who applies for the cremation. 

If instructions are not received with the coffin, the crematorium will write to the applicant soon after the cremation (generally about two weeks) requesting instructions for the disposal of the ashes, such as memorialisation or collection.

If the applicant says they are undecided, staff will retain the remains at the crematorium for a reasonable period (normally three to six months). If no instructions are received by the end of this period, crematorium staff will again write a letter to the application. If there are still no instructions provided, the ashes will be scattered at Tweed Valley Cemetery and recorded in the database.

Can I provide my own vase?

Yes, provided it meets the Cemeteries Policy: "Families may supply their own vases provided they are made of non-breakable material such as plastic, copper or stainless steel and have a spike on the base to stop them tipping over."

Can relatives witness the cremation?

Yes. A viewing room is available for relatives to witness the cremation. Arrangements may be made for relevatives to attend the committal of the coffin or casket into the cremator.  There is an additional fee for viewing of a cremation.

Will the ashes I receive be the remains of my loved one?

Yes. There are many checks and balances for each cremation, including identification labelling. All crematoriums go to great lengths to ensure cremated remains are kept separate throughout the entire process.

Can I organise my own plaque or monument?

Yes, provided you meet Council's plaque and monuments policy requirements and you are the legal grantee of the gravesite.  This generally can be confirmed by contacting Council's Cemetery Administrator.