Save on water charges

The following rebates or reductions make it easy for many of our customers to pay for their water service.

Reduction in water related charges due to flood 2022

If your property was impacted by the recent flood, use this form to apply for a reduction in your water bill to cover the extra water used to clean your property.

Council is offering each impacted property owner a reduction based on the difference between their most recent water notice and their average water consumption for the past 3 years.

Council is also offering ratepayers impacted by the flood the opportunity to defer their rate instalments with zero interest for up to two quarters (that is, 6 months).

Pensioner rebates

If you own and live in the rated property and have one of the following cards you may be able to get a rebate (money off) your water rates, as well as your general rates, sewerage and domestic waste management charges: 

  • pensioner concession card
  • veterans affairs gold card

See pensioner rebates

Home haemodialysis

Customers having haemodialysis at home will be given a credit for the cost of 100kL of water per year. 

To receive this credit, you must provide written evidence of your treatment (each year) from your Health Service.

For more information contact us.

Undetectable water leaks

Council may reduce your water use charges if you have an undetectable water leak on your property. 

What is an undetectable water leak?

  • Not readily visible (no wet areas, pooling of water, water flowing in gutters, split hoses, broken taps).
  • Not readily audible (no gurgling, hissing, dripping or other sounds suggesting a leak, no appliances refilling more often).
  • Cannot be readily identified or located without professional help.

Claim an undetected leak on your property 

If your claim is approved, Council will provide a 75% discount on the water which exceeds your average use for the previous 3 years.

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