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Frequently asked questions

How many Onsite Builders Toilets should be on a work site?

All building sites must be provided with a temporary Builder's Toilet, at a rate of 1 toilet for every 15 persons. 

These can be connected directly to the Councils sewer, an approved On Site Sewage Management System (OSSM) or a chemical toilet.

Who should I contact in regards to my Tradesman license?

Enquiries in regards to licenses; Builders Licenses, Plumbers Licenses, Owner Builders License etc, should be forwarded to the Department of Fair Trading:

Service NSW
13-17 Rivendell Drive 
Tweed Heads South  NSW  2486
Phone 13 77 88

Where will I find Tweed Shire Council's form 15 or 16?

Form 15's and 16's are a QLD Building Act Certification form and are not relevant for NSW construction and are not to be submitted at Tweed Shire Council. 

Certifcation for NSW work should be submitted on proformas available from our website or on letterhead indicating full details, standards, etc of the system, instilation or product being certified.

Who do I speak with to get approval for a Bore or Spear Pump?

NSW Office of Water - Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water are  the regulating body in regards to the  installation of bores and spear pumps.

227 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000 
GPO Box 3889
Sydney NSW 2001

Phone 02 8281 7777 or 1800 353 104

Who do I contact for electricity supply information

The main supplier of electricity to the Tweed Shire is Essential Energy.

Before undertaking any new building work or land use, careful attention should be paid to the proximity of these activities to any existing overhead electrical powerlines and poles, or easements. Living with Electricity Easements and Infrastructure provides a good starting point.

Any further enquiries on these matters can be directed by contacting Essential Energy on 13 23 91 or view their web site

It should also be noted that the State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 requires that certain development applications with potential impacts on existing electricity supply facilities be referred to Essential Energy (in the Tweed Shire) for comment. Please contact Council's Development Assessment or Building Unit for any clarification of this requirement.