Service problems and interruptions

We work around the clock supplying high quality, affordable and reliable water and wastewater services from catchment to tap and tap to ocean.

Current interruptions

Your water or wastewater may need to be turned off when we carry out repairs or upgrades. Turning off your supply helps to protect the plumbing on your property.

No interruptions found.

Clear water running from a tap into a glass

Water after works are completed

Trapped air bubbles can make your water look milky after works have been carried out.

Turn on one or 2 inside taps for around 1 minute to flush the line.

A glass of water should turn clear if left for 1-2 minutes. If it doesn't contact us.

Emergency repairs

For emergency repairs such as a burst or a leak, we cannot provide advance warning that the water will be turned off.

If this happens we work as fast as we can to get the water back on.

Planned interruptions

For planned interruptions we notify you before switching off services.

Works may sometimes take longer than expected. If your water supply is not back on by the time in your notice of works, talk to the on-site council workers or contact us for an update.

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