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"Our aim is to create quality customer experiences and deliver excellent customer service so that it is easy to do business with Council."

Our Customer Experience Framework

We have a Customer Experience Framework that is made up of 5 policies that guide our overall customer experiences at Council.

Service Experience Standards - our commitment to you

Our Service Experience Standards(PDF, 1MB) is the overarching document in our Customer Experience Framework. It sets the timeframes and service standards that customers can expect from all Council services.

At Tweed Shire Council customer service is a culture, not a department. 

Across our 52 services, we are committed to respond to your enquiry within our service standards and act according to our Code of Conduct(PDF, 336KB).

You can expect us to stand by our 6 customer experience principles:

  • Be consistent: We will provide reliable and consistent information across all services and through our contact and connect points.
  • Be helpful: We will add value to your enquiry, help you understand information and guide you through Council processes.
  • Be accessible: We will make our spaces, services and documents accessible, and our information available in plain language.
  • Be secure: We will respect and protect your privacy and information by using secure processes and business systems.
  • Be identifiable: We will use our trademarked brand on identification cards, uniforms, official correspondence and always send emails from an address.
  • Be our best: We will monitor our performance and seek feedback to continually improve.

As our partners in contributing to our great community, you can help us provide great customer service by:

  • Providing us with information that is timely, accurate and complete.
  • Reporting issues and requests promptly and directly to Council. We can’t action it if we don't know about it, and social media won’t fix it for you.
  • Working together to solve problems and reach resolutions.
  • Respecting the privacy and rights of other community members.
  • Treating our staff with mutual respect, honesty and courtesy.  We only accept respectful and reasonable conversations.

What we won’t accept

  • Verbal and/or physical abuse: Council employees have the right to a safe and harassment free workplace. We take a zero tolerance approach to rude, angry, harassing, threatening or abusive behaviours.
  • Unreasonable demands: Staff can spend a disproportionate amount of time resolving issues with customers that cannot be satisfied, which reduces time available to assist other customers.

Council's Managing Unreasonable Conduct Policy(PDF, 158KB) outlines how we will respond to unreasonable conduct, including those who cannot be satisfied, make unreasonable demands, do not cooperate, are rude, angry, harassing, threatening and/or are abusive.

Council’s ‘Don’t be that person’ customer aggression campaign aims to encourage customers to have reasonable and respectful conversations. Across our 52 services you would be amazed at the number of times our staff face abuse, aggression or threats while doing their jobs – so please, don’t be that person.