Aboriginal Advisory Committee

The primary objective of the Committee is to provide advice to Council in order to encourage and facilitate the development of the Tweed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community in the Tweed Shire.

The Committee's role is to:

  • Continually support the strategic direction of Council with respect to the advancement of matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and cultural representation.
  • Support and advise the Council in making decisions in a culturally appropriate, respectful and informed manner in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters.
  • Act as an open and consultative regulatory body for Council on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters.
  • Act as a conduit of information and cultural expertise.
  • Consider input and feedback from the Aboriginal Advisory Group to inform recommendations made to the Council.

Terms of reference(PDF, 211KB)


Committee members

  • Des Williams
  • Clare Lena
  • Larissa Smyth
  • Christine (Tina) Pidcock
  • Nicole Rotumah-Weir
  • Terrie Lee James
  • Victor Slockee
  • Marcia Browning
  • Veronese Burgess
  • Leweena Williams
  • Kerry Lehmann
  • Cyril Scott
  • Dale Williams
  • Alana Corowa
  • Jacqueline McDonald
  • Tracey Mackenzie
  • Marcia Browning

Council involvement

  • Cr Nola Firth
  • Cr Chris Cherry - alternate
  • Cr Reece Byrnes - alternate


The committee meets on the first Friday of the month.

Minutes are subject to confirmation and any recommendations contained therein are subject to Council endorsement