Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee

The objective of the Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee (ARIC) is to provide independent assurance and assistance to the Council on risk management, control, governance and external accountability responsibilities.

The Committee’s objectives are to review the following aspects of the council’s operations:

  • compliance
  • risk management
  • fraud control
  • financial management
  • governance
  • implementation of the strategic plan, delivery program and strategies
  • service reviews
  • collection of performance measurement data by the council
  • any other matters prescribed by the regulations

The Committee is also to provide information to the council for the purpose of improving the council’s performance of its functions.

ARIC terms of reference(PDF, 101KB)

Committee members

Committee members

  • Colin Wight
  • Andrew MacLeod
  • Matt Licheri

Council involvement

  • Cr Warren Polglase


The committee meets four times per year and include a review of the annual financial reports and external audit opinion.

Note: Posted Minutes are subject to confirmation and any recommendations contained therein are subject to Council endorsement