Floodplain Management Advisory Committee

The Floodplain Management Committee is appointed to advise Council on the development and implementation of floodplain risk management plans for various catchments within the Tweed Shire.

Committees objectives

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of technical, social, economic, environmental, and cultural issues associated with floodplain management
  • To distil possibly differing viewpoints into floodplain management plans

In fulfilling the above objectives the following shall be considered:

  • Existing flood risk - flood damages, emergency response capability
  • Future flood risk - development, climate change impacts
  • Flood mitigation measures - structural measures, property modification, development controls
  • Community awareness - formulate and implement measures to raise awareness of flooding in the community by education programs and distribution of information
  • Floodplain Development Manual

Terms of reference(PDF, 212KB)


Committee members

  • Felicia Cecil
  • Robert Quirk (David Bartlett alternate)
  • Jenny Kidd
  • Max Boyd
  • Samuel Dawson
  • Thomas Rehfeld
  • Jenna Ford
  • Scott Moffett - Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
  • Peter Mair - Local Commander, NSW SES
  • Jeremy Carpenter – Planning and Research officer, NSW SES

Council involvement

  • Cr Chris Cherry
  • Cr Meredith Dennis - Alternate
  • Danny Rose - main contact
    Manager Roads and Stormwater
    Email drose@tweed.nsw.gov.au
    Call 02 6670 2476 
  • David Oxenham - Director Engineering
  • Doreen Harwood - Enterprise Risk and Emergency Management Officer
  • Leon McLean - Engineer Flooding and Stormwater
  • Denise Galle - Director Planning and Regulation
  • Angie Cousens – Engineer Infrastructure
  • Stuart Russell - Senior Strategic Planner


Meetings will be arranged as required, to coincide with milestones for flood and risk management studies, or as other flood matters within the scope of considerations arise. Meetings are generally infrequent.

Posted Minutes are subject to confirmation and any recommendations contained therein are subject to Council endorsement


24 November 2023

Minutes(PDF, 320KB)

1 September 2023

Minutes(PDF, 238KB)

2 June 2023

Minutes(PDF, 216KB)

3 March 2023

Minutes(PDF, 253KB)


24 November 2022

Minutes(PDF, 663KB)

28 October 2022

Minutes(PDF, 131KB)