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Responding to high priority road hazards caused by weather eventsOur local road network has suffered significant damage following the February 2022 flood.

Don't remove or tamper with traffic lights or road signage – it puts people at risk and it's illegal. Read more.

The very large volumes of emails, letters and calls since the floods are impacting on recovery works. Before you contact us please review the information on this page and read our weekly flood recovery update, which provides you with the latest news on how the Tweed is recovering and rebuilding following the floods. Read more about your part in roads flood recovery.

As our road crews and contractors undertake the enormous task of fixing our roads, we ask motorists to please:

  • have patience
  • slow down and drive to the conditions
  • understand that some repairs are only temporary until a more permanent fix can be completed
  • be aware of changed traffic conditions.

Major flood restoration works

Last updated 21 September 2023

Tyalgum Road – Extreme slip

Tweed Shire Council has engaged contractor SEE Civil Pty Ltd to restore an extreme landslip on Tyalgum Road, east of Tyalgum village, resulting from the 2022 floods.

Tyalgum extreme upslope crack

Works to construct a temporary vehicle access road through the slip site will start on Monday 25 September following final approvals.

For safety reasons, there is strictly no public access – including no pedestrian access - through the slip site during the road construction phase - approx. 4 weeks.

Council thanks the community for your cooperation.

Once completed, the new temporary access road will enable vehicle through access on Tyalgum Road (under traffic controls) as work continues on the detailed design for the permanent road fix.

The public will notice new electronic signage at each end of Tyalgum Road, advising of the upcoming closure of the slip site due to ‘new road construction.

Tyalgum extreme vms

The major landslip (pictured this week, including upslope) is located approximately 950 metres east of Van Den Broek Road and is more than 100 x 60 metres in size with slipped material of 6-10 metres depth and overgrown. 

There is another slip around 1 km west of the major landslip on Tyalgum Road (mentioned below Tyalgum Road – Major Slip).

Restoration works on this site by contractor AMC are expected to start later this month (September) coinciding with the start of works on the temporary access road through the extreme landslip. 

Tyalgum Road - Major slip

Contractor, Australian Marine and Civil has been engaged to deliver the $1.9m restoration project of another large slip site on Tyalgum Road, between the extreme slip site and the Tyalgum village.

Council is now finalising environmental and state approvals for the project ahead of works now expected to commence in the week starting 25 September.

Vehicle access through this section of Tyalgum Road will continue via single lane under traffic controls, with delays possible once onsite works begin. 

These works are scheduled to be completed before the opening of the temporary access road on the Tyalgum extreme slip. 

Limpinwood Road

Road pavement works are progressing nicely near Bexshall Road
Road pavement works also progressing near Charbray Place

Flood restoration works on 2 major landslips along this road started on Monday 21 August 2023.

Slip remediation and road reconstruction works by contractor SEE Civil are progressing well at the two sites.

Rockfill restoration works have now been completed on both sites with the contractor progressing with restoration of the pavements.

Road works are in operation five days a week - Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm - until both restoration projects are completed.

Vehicle access through the works sites on Limpinwood Road will continue via single lane for the duration of works. Traffic signals, controls and signage are in place together with safety measures. 

Tweed Shire Council thanks the community for their continued patience as these essential works commence.

Arrangements are in place for emergency vehicle access through the site. 

Zara Road

Bridge works and pavement improvements continue periodically along Zara Road.  

Tweed Shire Council has commenced heavy patching works along Zara and Limpinwood Roads. Motorists, please proceed with caution.

Council will advise the public when the next contractors have been engaged to do this. 

Numinbah Road

Contractor, Australian Marine and Civil, has been awarded the tender for restoration works on the large slip site along Numinbah Road between Murwillumbah and Chillingham. 

The detailed design now awaits final approvals

The slip site east of Chillingham restricts traffic to one lane under traffic lights and remains a Council priority.  

Motorists are reminded to obey traffic signs, especially Give Way signs in place for safety. 

Kyogle Road

Contractor Civil Mining & Construction Pty Ltd (CMC) has submitted to Council a detailed design for the restoration of three major landslips along Kyogle Road (and one on Mount Warning Road) in a restoration project estimated at around $40 million.

Kyogle Road

Kyogle Road

A large contingency of representatives from Council, CMC and Transport for NSW toured the slip sites last week (pictured) working through the projects’ final designs in the field, ahead of these important restoration projects starting soon.

Once designs are approved, construction works could commence in late November at one, possibly two major slip sites along Kyogle Road. TBC.

All private landowners and nearby residents who are directly and/or indirectly impacted by these essential works - including the establishment of CMC’s works depot near Uki – have been contacted.

These road restoration works are happening concurrently with rehabilitation works by Council’s River Restoration team, also visible along Kyogle Road near Glenrock Road, Dum Dum ahead of works starting on the Tweed River.

Kyogle Road traffic controls.

Traffic through these slip sites will continue to be reduced to one lane and is controlled by traffic lights at the slip immediately west of Byangum Bridge. Contractor CMC has also set up traffic controls on Kyogle Road (refer picture) advising where new sections of Kyogle Road will be impacted by the upcoming road restoration works.

Electronic roadworks signage will provide up-to-date information. 

Motorists are again asked to slow down and obey roadworks speed limits along Kyogle Road.

Reserve Creek Road

Reserve Creek Road drainage
Retaining wall and drainage are complete. Additional rock protection works below the wall and the road works above the wall are now progressing.

Works by contractor SEE Civil to construct the permanent two-lane road through the major landslip site on Reserve Creek Road are progressing very well.

Completion of the project was originally set for early 2024, however the project is now expected be completed by October 2023.

Access through Reserve Creek Road is open to traffic with a temporary access road alongside the works site completed in June 23.

Local contractor SEE Civil Pty Ltd is undertaking this $6.8 million landslip restoration project, financed by NSW Government disaster funding.

Mount Warning Road

Tweed Shire Council has awarded the contract to restore a major slip at Mount Warning Road to Civil Mining & Construction Pty Ltd (CMC) following state approval from Transport for NSW.

Mount Warning Road

Mount Warning Road new signs

The contractor has almost completed the detailed design for the restoration of this extreme slip.

Representatives from Council, CMC and Transport for NSW toured the various slip sites last week (pictured) working through the projects’ designs in the field, ahead of these important road and bridge restoration projects starting soon.

Construction works are set to commence in conjunction with slip remediation works along the Tweed River starting soon. 

A temporary side-track provides access past the landslip site where a significant section of road was destroyed by the 2022 floods. Motorists are asked to please observe the new signage (pictured) directing traffic one way.

Council is also investigating in conjunction with CMC, necessary repairs to a span on Mt Warning Road bridge.

Other flood restoration works

Council continues to work towards restoring roads damaged in the 2022 Floods. A total of 3780 items were identified as ‘road damage’ across the Tweed Shire from the February and March 2022 events. After detailed planning, design and tendering processes involving approvals by the NSW Government, Council awarded contracts to various contractors on these restoration projects and progress is updated weekly.

Australian Marine and Civil

  • Smiths Creek Road graded
    Smiths Creek Road Slip ($819,000)
    Works to restore a major landslip and reconstruct the road are now more than halfway completed.

    Works are progressing well on the permanent road, graded this week (pictured Tuesday 19 September) with no delays. The road is expected to open in October 2023.

    Single lane access will continue through the works site under traffic lights. Motorists can expect short delays. There may also be occasional short periods of full road closure to allow safe movement of heavy machinery. Council thanks you for your patience as we complete these essential flood restoration works.
  • Palmvale Road Slip ($555,000)
    The design for these restoration works is progressing.
  • Stokers Road Slip ($1.9 million)
    Design work is progressing well. Construction work is scheduled to start later in the year, after AMC completes major road restoration projects at Tyalgum Road and Numinbah Road.

Pan Civil

Beltana Drive completed
  • Beltana Drive ($450,000)
    Road restoration works have now been completed (pictured) on Beltana Drive. Council thanks residents for their patience as these essential works were completed on time by contractor Pan Civil.
  • Upper Duroby nearing completion
    Upper Duroby Road
    Road Restoration works have now been completed at Upper Duroby Road with sealing completed this week. Council thanks residents for their patience as these essential works were completed by contractor Pan Civil, on time.
  • Hogans Road, Upper Duroby
    Downslope embankment remediation and road reconstruction works have commenced. Clearing is completed and soil nailing has started.
    Restoration works are expected to take approximately six weeks. Crews will be in operation Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm and Saturdays from 8am to 2pm, weather permitting.
    Hogans Road will be reduced to a single lane through the works site with the potential for short duration full closures, (less than 5-minutes.)

PCA Ground Engineering

Nimbin Road paving starting
Photo: Two coat seal being applied to a restored section of Nimbin Road
  • Nimbin Road slips ($1.2 million)
  • Two sites on Nimbin Road:

    • A) Slope remediation and road construction works are progressing very well on this flood-damaged section of Nimbin Road (before it becomes Blue Knob Road) with pavement and road sealing works continuing this week. Full road restoration is expected to be completed within weeks. Traffic continues to be restricted to one lane through the works site, for the duration of the project.

    • B) Nimbin Road Blue Knob restoration works are being completed concurrently with Slip A for minimum disruption to the community.

Civil Consult

Byrrill Creek residents meet members of Council’s flood restoration team at Terragon to discuss the bridge design and share local insights
  • Byrrill Creek Road slip. The detailed design for this major project is now being reviewed for approval by TfNSW and the NSW Reconstruction Authority.
  • Minor works on Byrill Creek Road form part of a package of 30 small site restoration projects throughout the southwest region including Commissioners Creek Road, Doon Doon Road and McConnells Road, and several small bridge and causeway sites are now complete. The next stage includes another 48 minor works sites in the southwest region.
  • Byrrill Creek Bridge. Temporary safety works have been completed at the bridge and one lane is open for motorists to proceed with caution.
  • Consultant GHD is now working with information from the updated Tweed Valley Flood Study to progress the detailed design of the bridge remediation, along with Byangum Bridge on Kyogle Road over the Tweed River, and a major scour on Deards Bridge at Doon Doon Road.

Additional works

Urliup Road - Council is awaiting funding approval from the NSW Government before formally awarding this contract, expected in a couple of weeks.

Mt Burrell - Council is now going through the evaluation process to award the tender for embankment restoration works around the Mt Burrell area including Kyogle Road, Kunghur Road, and Mt Burrell Road. It closes in two weeks.

Terragon - Further Design only Tender for slips and embankment damage along Kyogle Road and Clarrie Hall Dam Road will be advertised for tender shortly.

Tweed Valley Way - A construction tender package has been advertised for embankment restoration works to the damage on Tweed Valley Way. The package closes in three weeks.

Dulguigan Road – Council is beginning initial design investigations for the remediation treatments for the major upslope slips on Dulguigan Road. Initial surveying of the damages will be commencing in coming weeks to help inform the design process.

All completion times are subject to weather permitting.

This Flood Restoration Roadworks page is updated weekly.

Tweed road restoration projects – an overview

Council is working on strategies to progress the remainder of road repairs following the 2022 Flood event. A total of 3780 items have been identified as road damage across Tweed Shire.

We apologise for any inconvenience and ask for your patience as we work through our roadworks program.

Our road crews and contractors will continue to restore flood damage at the following sections of local roads: