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Level 2 Water Restrictions in place for the Tweed from Friday 13 December. Level 4 restrictions already in place for Tyalgum. Save water now
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The Tweed will need an additional water supply by 2026 to meet forecast demand. While Council has a project to raise the wall of Clarrie Hall Dam by 2026 to secure a water supply to 2046, it’s equally important to save water and make our resources last as long as possible.

Achieving Target 160L (160 litres per person a day) is everyone’s responsibility.

Tweed residents reduced their water consumption by 22 per cent from 230L a day in 2003 to 179L a day in 2013 under Council’s Target 180L campaign.

However, since then consumption has risen again, prompting Council to renew its efforts through a Target 160L campaign.

160L a day is achievable, read our Water Saving Tips.

How are you tracking against Target 160L?

Fill in the data on the calculator below to find out how many litres a day you need to save to achieve Target 160L. The data is on your latest water bill, or alternatively, ready your water meter now and again in two weeks’ time to get the data.

1. Use your water bill to enter the meter read dates

Start Date    Finish Date

2. Enter your water consumption for that period (in litres)


3. How many people live in your house?



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