How to use the NSW planning portal

Steps for using the portal  Documents to upload  DA checklists and guides

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The portal reduces assessment times and makes the process simpler, faster and more transparent. It also means you can track the progress of your application.

All information you upload to the portal is seen and assessed by Tweed Shire Council.

All the forms you need are listed in the guides and checklists section below.

Some certificates and applications need to be lodged with Council (not on the NSW Planning Portal).

When to use the portal

Use the portal to apply for consent for all types of development on your property, including:

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  • new dwelling, including house, shed, carport, garage or awning
  • swimming pool installation
  • alterations or additions to an existing dwelling or business
  • structural changes to create a home business at your premises
  • demolishing a structure
  • subdividing land
  • new multi-dwelling construction
  • associated applications when submitted at same time as DA (e.g. S138 driveway crossing or S68 plumbing and drainage)

You can also use the Portal for complying development certificates.

How to use the portal

For more information see the Planning Portal quick reference guides

Step 1.Before using the portal

Get advice from Council planning staff about controls, policies and standards, or call us on 02 6670 2400.

Consider all design issues and use Council's checklists to prepare documents for your application, including plans, drawings and a Statement of Environmental Effects.

Refer to the DA Preparation Guide(PDF, 2MB) for more details.

Step 2.Login to the portal

Use your existing Service NSW account or register for a NSW Planning Portal account. For the best experience use Google Chrome on a PC or laptop (the portal is not designed for mobile phones).

If you have any problems contact Service NSW on 1300 305 695 or email

Step 3.Start your application

Click ‘New’ to start your application. Fill in the online form and progress through the steps.

Upload required documents to the portal (such as Owners Consent, SEE or BASIX certificate). You can save your application and come back to it later.

Step 4.Application check

A Council officer will review your application in the portal to make sure all documentation is correct. (You will be notified by email if more information or documents are needed.)

This check will take at least 7 working days.

Step 5.DA lodged for assessment

Once your application has been checked and accepted for lodgement, you will receive a ‘fee estimate’ which will include your tax invoice.

Fees must be paid before your DA is formally lodged in Council’s system. You will need to confirm that you’ve paid the fees by clicking ‘Respond’ to the ‘fee estimate’ in the portal.

Step 6.Assessment and decision (determination)

Once fees are paid your Development Application will be assessed by a Council officer. Once a decision has been made, the official Notice of Determination will be uploaded to the portal. You will also be notified by email.

Check your account on the Planning Portal and get advice from Council for information about development applications, as well as what acronyms mean and a glossary of terms.

Which documents do I need to upload to the portal?

Refer to the checklists below to work out what documents are needed for your application type.

Mandatory documents on the portal are marked with an asterisk * and you will not be able to submit your application unless you upload them.

Do not change the name of Council forms.

For more information about the documents needed check the DA Preparation Guide(PDF, 2MB)

The table below provides examples and links to some forms and checklists that may also be required to upload with your application.

Form/document Requirements
Owners Consent

The registered owner(s) of the land must give consent for a DA to be lodged:

BASIX certificate A free BASIX certificate is available online at Simply enter details about the proposed house or unit such as location, size and building materials. A BASIX is needed for:
  • all Development Applications
  • applications for Complying Development Certificates for new residential development, or alterations and additions involving residential development with a total estimated cost of works of $50,000
  • swimming pools or spas with a volume of more than 40,000 litres
Statement of Environmental Effects(PDF, 257KB) A Statement of Environmental Effects is needed for minor development applications. It details likely impacts of your proposed development.
Principal Certifier Agreement/Appointment Contract Form(PDF, 446KB) Construction Certificate application: If applying for a Construction Certificate and you are nominating Tweed Shire Council as the Principal Certifier, complete the form and upload to the portal when submitting your application.
S68 forms Sewer Application, Septic Application or Stormwater Application: If applying for a Section 68 with your DA, complete the form and upload to the portal when submitting your application.

S138 form(PDF, 197KB)

Driveway application: If applying for a Section 138 Application with your DA, complete the form and upload to the portal when submitting your application.

DA checklists and guides