Starting building work

Workmen on site with laptop

Once you have been sent a formal determination and a Construction Certificate in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (as amended) together with stamped approved plans and specifications.

A Notice of Commencement form will be enclosed and must be submitted to Council at least 2 days before any building work starts.

A separate letter will be enclosed identifying required inspections, including Critical Stage inspections. If these Critical Stage inspections are not undertaken, the law prevents Council from issuing an occupation certificate.

Expiry dates

If your Development Consent expires, your Construction Certificate will also expire - unless building work has been significantly progressed.

Checklist before starting work

  1. Make sure you have Development Consent and a Construction Certificate. Read the consent and make sure you comply with the conditions.
  2. Make sure a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) has been appointed - this gives authority to carry out inspections and issue an Occupation Certificate. Note: Only Council is authorised to carry out plumbing and drainage inspections.
  3. Make sure your Notice to Start Work form has been submitted.
  4. Make sure you have all relevant permits and other approvals.
  5. Make sure that the required signage has been provided to identify the site, builder’s information, PCA, etc.
  6. Make sure a builder’s toilet is available as per SafeWork NSW requirements.
  7. Ensure all environment controls are in place, such as sediment fence, hoardings, dust control. The environmental issues you must consider when demolishing, excavating or building are:
  • protecting heritage items and contributory buildings
  • occupational health and safety and public safety
  • good site management including waste management
  • preventing erosion and controlling sediments
  • limiting hours of work to mitigate noise impacts on neighbours
  • limiting hours of work to mitigate traffic and parking impacts on neighbours
  • timing deliveries to mitigate traffic and parking impacts on neighbours
  • provision for storage including chemical storage


8. Make sure you've organised how to deal with construction waste, for example a tip.

9. Notify your neighbours at least 2 days before you start work. If an excavation is proposed below the level of the footings of a building on an adjoining allotment, the notice must be given in writing to the owner at least 7 days before excavation begins.