Use of footpaths for business

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Footpath dining

Footpaths can be a great opportunity for businesses, whilst making sure the right checks and approvals are in place to ensure the safety of everyone.

Footpath (outdoor) dining

Footpath dining can bring financial benefit to businesses and provides an enjoyable experience for customers.

This information is for food businesses seeking to use Council’s footpath as part of their dining area.

How to apply for footpath dining

  1. Submit an Application for footpath dining(PDF, 485KB).
  2. Include a plan showing the footpath dining area as shown in the Footpath Trading Policy(PDF, 426KB).
  3. Include a copy of the business public liability insurance (minimum cover of $20 million) with notation of Council’s interest in the policy.

Dining approvals are issued for a 5 year period in agreement with Council’s Footpath Trading Policy.

Footpath dining application fee and use fees

See fees and payments

Contact Council’s Environmental Health Unit for more information on 02 6670 2400.


Buskers can apply for approval to use Council’s footpath by submitting a Busking Application(PDF, 252KB).

There must be 3 metres between performers and the audience under COVID Safe rules.

Ticket tables and street stalls

Ticket tables and street stalls can apply for approval to use a footpath by submitting an Application for Ticket Table/Street Stall(PDF, 276KB).

Each stall/table must comply with COVID-19 requirements for social distancing and use cashless transactions where possible.

Display of goods on the footpath

Council is reviewing requirements for the display of goods on the footpath. No approvals for use are being issued at this time.