Service standards and performance

Working with you Service standards Performance reports

View our standards of service below, including our quarterly performance measures of how we're tracking.

You can also check out our Customer Experience Framework that guides our overall customer experiences at Council.

Working with you

We want to make it easy for you to work with us.

"We aim to deliver excellent customer service and take action on issues so that the Tweed is an even better place to live, work and enjoy."

Here’s a snapshot of how we tracked over the past quarter (July to September 2021), view the performance report below or download the quarterly Working with you infographic(PDF, 126KB)

There when you need us

customer interactions with the Contact Centre

Helping you quickly

31 seconds
average wait time before answering

Taking action for our community

actioned requests for Council services

Fast results

of work requests responded to within 10 working days

Top 5 topics

As at 30 September 2021

  1. Rates and water use
  2. Water and wastewater
  3. Building application
  4. Stotts Creek Resource Recovery Centre (tip) opening and restrictions
  5. Roads and stormwater

What you asked us to take action on

The following graphic highlights the number of customer contacts about some common issues in the last 3 months. Click on the image to view a larger version and view the individual number of customer contacts by topic below.

Number of customer contacts about common issues over past quarter - July to September 2021(JPG, 79KB)

  • 92 abandoned vehicles
  • 32 air pollution
  • 103 animal noise/barking
  • 212 animals roaming/off leash
  • 30 dog attacks
  • 11 food safety
  • 35 graffiti
  • 20 health hazard
  • 110 illegal camping
  • 36 illegal development
  • 35 illegal land use
  • 19 illegal occupation
  • 128 illegal parking
  • 29 illegal tree removal
  • 67 littering/dumping
  • 17 neighbouring stormwater
  • 56 noise pollution
  • 21 overgrown properties
  • 14 pest control
  • 11 public health
  • 11 water pollution

Our standards of service

Explore our 7 service standards in the drop-down boxes below or you can download the Service Experience Standards(PDF, 2MB)

Contact centre

  • Resolve 80% of enquiries at the first point of contact.

Our Contact Centre aims to resolve your telephone or in person enquiry at first contact. On occasion your enquiry may be transferred to a technical specialist. We aim to serve you in two (2) minutes at the Murwillumbah and Tweed Heads customer service counters.


  • Answer 80% of telephone calls within ninety (90) seconds.
  • Return missed calls within two (2) business days.

We aim to answer your call within ninety (90) seconds or provide you with an option to hold or leave a voicemail message. When a staff member is not available, a missed call message will be taken.

An afterhour’s emergency telephone service is available 365 days of the year.

In writing

  • Acknowledge, and/or where possible respond to written correspondence and submissions within 10 business days.

Where your correspondence requires a response, it will be acknowledged and/ or responded to within 10 business days. If a detailed reply is required, it may take additional time to provide a full response.

This standard applies to emails to, social media private messages and letters.

Website (

  • Provide and maintain website and online services 24/7, with minimal interruptions.
  • Council's website and emergency dashboard will deliver accurate, informative and accessible information.
  • All planned interruptions will be notified online with at least 24 hours notice.
  • Content on website pages will aim to be reviewed every four (4) months.

Customer service requests (CSR)

  • Acknowledge, action or respond to 80% of service requests within 10 business days.

You can report a problem or request works, maintenance or improvements to existing services by using our Report a Problem online service or calling us.

Council will prioritise service requests that are determined as a safety or urgent matter.

Service interruptions

  • Notice for planned service interruptions:
    • less than 24 hours = two (2) business days
    • greater than 24 hours = five (5) business days.

Water and wastewater: Planned interruptions are notified on our website under water/sewer interruptions and letterbox notification.

Roads: Customers should check our website for planned road works and closures. Planned road closures will include notifications directly to the affected property.

All other planned and unplanned service interruptions will be communicated as soon as possible through signage, websites, social media, telephone messaging or Tweed Link.

Changes to operating hours

  • Provide five (5) business days’ notice of any planned changes to operating hours.

Planned and unplanned changes will be communicated through signage, website, social media and Google business page updates, telephone messaging and Tweed Link where possible.

Note: These standards do not apply to anonymous or unsolicited mail, sales or promotional calls, social media posts or comments, Government agencies or when the Managing Unreasonable Conduct Policy(PDF, 68KB) has been applied. Councillors as elected members are governed by the Code of Conduct rather than these standards.

Our performance against the standards

We report on how we are meet our Service Experience Standards(PDF, 2MB) every quarter.

We measure these with scores of:

Achieved - result is at or above service standard

Close to achieved - result is within 10% of service standard

Not achieved - result is more than 10% below service standard

Unable to measure at this stage

Note: Some standards are not able to be measured regularly. Where this is the case the date it was measured is listed.

Latest performance report - July to September 2021

Service Standard Result Notes
Contact centre Resolve 80% of enquiries at the first point of contact   86%
Phone (all staff) Answer 80% of calls within 90 seconds   86%
Return 80% of missed calls within 2 business days   85%
In writing (all staff) Respond to written correspondence and submissions within 10 business days   Unavailable
Website ( Provide and maintain website and online services 24/7, with minimal interruptions   99.94% uptime
Service requests (CSR) Acknowledge 80% of service requests within 10 business days   Over 95%
Action or respond to 80% of service requests within 10 business days   68%
Service interruptions Less than 24 hour = 2 business days   Unavailable
Greater than 24 hour = 5 business days   Unavailable
Changes to operating hours 5 business days' notice for any planned changes   Unplanned COVID-19 impacts

Other ways Council measures and reports on performance

Be Our Best - Being Better than yesterday

Be Our Best Resident Survey: Our community survey also measures customer satisfaction every two years. View the most recent community survey results.

Quarterly Performance Reports: These reports and a helpful infographic provide a quarterly progress review on Council's performance relative to Council's long term sustainability and achievements in implementing the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.