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What's happening on our roads?

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Council is responsible for all public roads within the shire except the Pacific Motorway, which is the responsibility of Roads and Maritime Services (telephone 131 700). Council maintains its roads and roadside reserves within the limits of its budget and resources.

Every week, Council will post on Facebook and Twitter a "Heads up" message about roadworks on any of its major roads so you can avoid these roads and any delays if possible. It will target community-based Facebook pages to publicise roadworks on local or minor roads.

But if Facebook and Twitter don't work for you, the information below will keep you informed of current roadworks and those coming up soon. The dates shown below are indicative only and may change due to weather or resource availability.

All customers are reminded to visit for information on all roadworks and closures in the Northern Rivers local government areas.

MyRoadInfo - Northern Rivers

Road Wrap updated information as at 23 August 2019

Closed roads:
Uki: Kyogle Road is closed between Uki and Palmers Road due to bush fire.
Casuarina: Civil works for the Casuarina Town Centre Stage 1D and 1E start 15 July 2019 (to end around March 2020). Blue Horizon Drive will be closed from the intersection of Echo Land (including the car park at the end of Blue Horizon Drive). Pedestrian access from Blue Horizon Drive to the beach cycleway will be maintained throughout. Call Hutchinson Builders direct.

Asphalt resurfacing program:

Contractors will be undertaking asphalt resurfacing on the following roads. Working on two days across two weeks, they mill off about 35mm from the existing surface and apply a temporary seal and then return a week later and apply a new 35mm wearing surface.

Poinciana Avenue (from Wattle Avenue to the end) and Kurrajong Avenue (between Poinciana Avenue and Myrtle Street) on Wednseday 21 August and again on Wednesday 28 August.

Herford Street, Moss Street (between Clough Lane and Sutherland Street) and Knox Court on Monday 19 August and again on Monday 26 August.

Mistral Road (near the Art Gallery) on Tuesday 20 August and again on Tuesday 27 August.

Stabilisation program:
Stabilisation works are undertaken to repair soft spots in the road substructure using a cement material and then reapplying an asphalt pavement. The works require milling off the existing road surface and then mixing cement through the existing underlying gravel material to improve the road quality. It’s a tricky process in that once the cement has been watered we’ve got a four-hour window to shape, trim and compact the gravel and cannot close down the job until it’s done. A waterproofing seal is then applied to the exposed gravel surface and then the final asphalt seal is applied.

Various streets -
The following roads are getting a makeover from the 5 August with contractors due to start work on Kingscliff Street, between Ozone and Terrace streets and Ocean Street (between Kingscliff and Sands streets). The works at each site will take about two shifts across a two-week period. After Kingscliff Street, they’ll head to Beach Street (between Kingscliff Street and Elrond Drive), McPhail Avenue (between Gibson and Oxford streets) including Knox Court, Herford Street (McPhail Avenue to Cudgen Road), Moss Street (Clough Lane to Sutherland Street) and, finally, Quigan Street (between McPhail Avenue and Boomerang Street).

On each site, it’s going to be noisy for the first shift as they shave off the road surface and apply a bitumen seal with stone. Then, it settles down as they leave the road to ‘cure’ for about a week before returning to apply the new asphalt surface (not quite so noisy) and then do the line-marking. During the works, detours may be used so please follow the directions of the traffic controllers. Residents are advised they may have to wait to get in and out of driveways and side streets and to build extra time into their journeys to avoid the stress of any lengthy delay. We also ask that motorists do not park in the workzones during daylight hours so we can get in and out in the quickest time possible.

Marine Parade, September to November.


Various streets - A program of roadworks in Pottsville starts on Monday 16 September for completion by 13 October. The work includes:
  • removal of several mature trees along Overall Drive to allow heavy machinery access and due to root damage to infrastructure

  • the stabilisation and resealing of Overall Drive, from Charles Street to Buckingham Drive

  • asphalt reseal of two sections of Overall Drive, between Victoria Avenue and Edinburgh Court

  • bitumen resealing of Tweed Coast Road from the Mooball Creek bridge to Black Rocks bridge, and

  • asphalt rejuvenation of McKenzie Avenue, Warne, O’Reilly, Miller and Kippax places, Taylor Drive and Trumper Place.

Byangum Road, starting in September

Fraser Drive, from Vintage Lakes Drive roundabout for five weeks starting on Tuesday 13 August 2019. The five-minute detours will not be signposted as multiple streets are used but northbound motorists can turn left at Vintage Lakes Drive, right at Champagne Drive, continue through Hillcrest Avenue, on to James Road, Acacia Street and left back on to Fraser Drive. Vice versa for southbound. Expect delays.

Tweed Heads South:
Leisure Drive, starting September to November.

Other roadworks:

Byrrill Creek:
Byrrill Creek Road - construction of new bridge. Ancilliary works ongoing. Bridge open to traffic.

Pacific Motorway - RMS is doing nightworks on the southbound Pacific Motorway off-ramp to Tweed Valley Way if it doesn’t rain. They will set up U turn detours further south to access back onto Tweed Valley Way. Heavy vehicles will need to use the Clothiers Creek Road interchange. Please follow traffic control. Also RMS is undertaking a separate shoulder widening job on the highway near the Tweed Valley Way interchange to install median wire rope. These are being undertaken as dayworks.

Various streets - As above. A program of roadworks in Pottsville starts later in 2019 to include stabilisation and reseal of Overall Drive, from Charles Street to Buckingham Drive; reseal two sections of Overall Drive between Victoria Avenue and Edinburgh Court; reseal Tweed Coast Road from the Mooball Creek bridge to Wooyung Road and undertake asphalt works on Mackenzie Avenue, Warne, O'Reilly, Miller and Benaud places, Taylor Drive and Border Crescent. Confirmation of this program will be provided at a later date.

Palmers Road - bridge works end of August to end of December 2019.

Other works that may impact road users:

Casuarina Way - footpath upgrade.
Salt to Cabarita - cycleway path repairs

Cudgen Road - water main construction in the road shoulder between 312 and 458 Cudgen Road from 19 August to mid October. Traffic controllers will be in place and traffic may be stopped for intermittent short periods only.


Mooball Street - carpark upgrade
Myrtle Street
- water main construction.
Queensland Road - drainage works mid August for completion by the end of September.

Piggabeen Road - roadworks end of August to end of September.

Terranora Road - water main works one week to start in end July.

Tweed Heads:
Boyds Bay Bridge on Minjungbal Drive - intermittent closures of one northbound lane of as Roads and Maritime Safety (RMS) workers use it as a worksite to pour concrete for bridge pile remediation works. One northbound lane will be closed for between four and six hours a day, one to two days a week until end of the year. The Kennedy Drive exit will stay open and the cycleway will be shifted but remain in use under the management of traffic control. Southbound traffic will not be affected. Look out for the electronic signboards northbound for up to date information.
Sunset Boulevard - Construction of a water main from end of August to mid October.
Greenway Drive: footpath construction end of August.
Drydock Road - footpath construction t start at the end of August for two weeks.

Roadworks in Coolangatta (City of Gold Coast)

Tweed Shire Council has been advised of the following major roadworks in the Coolangatta area, which may affect Tweed motorists. The works are being undertaken to improve road condition and reduce future maintenance. All customers should contact City of Gold Coast direct about these works.

Boundary Street, from Hill Street to Ward Street, July-September 2019
Ward Street, September-December 2019
Boundary Street, from Ward Street to Tweed Terrace, December 2019-April 2020, and
Petrie Street, April 2020-June 2020.

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