Impounded and lost pets

Can’t find your pet?

Losing your pet or having your pet impounded can be a stressful time. We do everything we can to reunite lost pets with their owners.

Call us on 02 6670 2400 so we can check our records to see if your pet is listed.

If a pet is found wandering unleashed in a public place, Council rangers are authorised to take the animal to the pound (under the Companion Animals Act 1998).

If our rangers pick up a dog or cat with a microchip or a tag with an address or phone number, we will first try to contact the owner and return the pet directly.

The best way to make sure your lost pet is returned to you is to microchip your pet and make sure your contact details are up-to-date. By law all dogs and cats must be microchipped by the age of 12 weeks.

Learn more about your responsibilities as a pet owner(PDF, 231KB)

Pets in the Pound

To find out about impounded animals, pay outstanding fees or arrange for your pet to be collected call us on 02 6670 2400 or view all cats and dogs currently impounded.

There is no public access to Council impounded animals at the temporary private boarding kennel, find out more about the Tweed Pound

Animals picked up by Council rangers are kept at the pound for at least:

  • 14 days for microchipped animals
  • 7 days for animals not microchipped

If we cannot locate the owner during this time, suitably assessed animals are transferred to the Friends of the Pound for rehoming. Animals are not available for sale at the pound.

Impounded cats

Reference No. IMP21/0170

Impounded on 22 July 2021

  • Location Found : Shamrock Avenue, Banora Point
  • Breed : DSH
  • Colour : Tabby
  • Sex : Unknown
  • Desexed : No
  • Microchip Number : NA
Found near Shamrock Avenue, Banora Point, no microchip. Unable to determine sex at this stage.
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Impounded dogs

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Disclaimer: The listing of impounded pets on this page is provided as a community service by Tweed Shire Council. The page is normally updated each business day, however there may be times when information is not current (due to technical problems for example). Council provides no guarantee that the listing of impounded animals on this page is up-to-date.

Lost pets

If you have lost your pet call Council on 02 6670 2400 to lodge a report.

You can list your pet as missing on this page below, as well as the NSW Pet Registry. Make sure your contact details are correct so you can be alerted if your pet is found.

View the cats and dogs registered as lost during the past 3 months:

Lost cats


Lost on 14 July 2021

  • Location lost : Bray Park Murwillumbah
  • Breed : Tabby Cross
  • Cross breed : Unknown
  • Colour : Grey and white
  • Sex : Female
  • Desexed : Yes
  • Microchip Number : NA
Our girl is named Ellie. Very fluffy quite small has a tail like a fox tail
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Grey tabby

Lost on 04 July 2021

  • Location lost : Fingal Head
  • Breed : Grey Tabby
  • Cross breed : Unknown
  • Colour : Grey
  • Sex : Male
  • Desexed : Yes
  • Microchip Number : NA
Has green eyes big white whiskers. Friendly
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Lost on 22 June 2021

  • Location lost : Joshua Street Murwillumbah
  • Breed : Russian blue
  • Cross breed : Yes
  • Colour : Grey with white patch
  • Sex : Male
  • Desexed : Yes
  • Microchip Number : NA
Russian Blue 7 years old scar on nose white patch on belly goes by the name tag very friendly
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Lost on 16 May 2021

  • Location lost : Bilinga-kirra-coolangatta
  • Breed : Tortoise Shell
  • Cross breed : Unknown
  • Colour : Mixed black and brown
  • Sex : Female
  • Desexed : No
  • Microchip Number : 953010004575322
Our kitten/cat has been missing since yesterday 16/5/2021 around bilinga, North Kirra area. Her name is Maple and she is microchip. Any information would be appreciated.

Lost dogs

Tibetan Spaniel

Lost on 20 July 2021

  • Location lost : Kerry Court Banora Point
  • Breed : Tibetan Spaniel
  • Cross breed : No
  • Colour : Gold Sable
  • Sex : Male
  • Desexed : No
  • Microchip Number : 953010004906535
Missing today, no collar


Lost on 17 May 2021

  • Location lost : Palmvale NSW
  • Breed : American Staffie
  • Cross breed : Yes
  • Colour : Tan
  • Sex : Male
  • Desexed : Yes
  • Microchip Number : 900079000487217
Eddie - three years old American Staffie x Ridgeback Escaped overnight (Monday - Tuesday) Had a collar, but may have slipped it Very affectionate with humans; mixed demeanour with dogs. Loves water / swimming.
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Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is provided as a community service by Tweed Shire Council. This page is updated during the course of each working day, however there may be occasions when this information is not updated (eg due to technical problems).

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