Love cats love wildlife

Cats play an important role in the lives of many Tweed Shire residents. Offering love and companionship, cats can have positive effects on happiness and well-being and many cat owners view their pets as members of the family.

Blessed with a beautiful and unique natural environment Tweed Shire is home to a high number of rare and threatened animals. The local community highly values the Tweed’s natural environment and there is widespread agreement about the importance of protecting its natural values.

Happy cats at home

Did you know that an indoor cat is happy and safe from ticks, fleas, cars, dogs, cat fights, snakes, feline aids? Hear from Nerida Aitken from NSW Cat Protection Society and Sue Haworth from King Street Veterinary Hospital about how to keep your cat happy at home.

Happy Cats at Home – part one with Nerida Aitken from NSW Cat Protection Society

Happy Cats at Home – part two with Sue Haworth from King Street Veterinary Hospital

Keeping cats indoors

Catios (cat patios or enclosures) are a great way to provide good indoor/outdoor care for cats, allowing them to enjoy being outside whilst also protecting our native wildlife.

Catios also keep cats safe from potential dangers they are exposed to when allowed to wander such as cars, dogs, ticks, snakes, or theft.

Check out some local providers of cat enclosures for great ideas and join the growing number of people who are already using catios, protecting their cats and keeping wildlife safe.

Research shows that cats that are kept at home 24/7, either inside, in cat proof yards or with access to catios, cat enclosures and cat leads, live longer, are healthier and happier and there are less neighbourhood disputes! Cats that are allowed to roam during the day are still exposed to all the dangers and pose a real threat to our birds, reptiles and small mammals.

Council has no affiliation with any of the above providers and the information is provided to assist customers. Engaging with, or using the products of the providers is at your own risk.

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Keeping your cat safe and healthy - Inside with Cats is not just about containing cats inside a house, it also explores the various options these owners have used for outdoor enclosures or walking harnesses, and how they keep their cats safe, happy and healthy. More information is available in the videos available below, courtesy of Kingborough Council, Tasmania.

Inside with Cats is a partnership between Kingborough Council, Ten Lives Cat Centre, Tasmanian Conservation Trust and the Bruny Island Environment Network.

How to transition your cat from being an outdoor kitty to a safe indoor kitty

Allowing your cats to roam outdoors can significantly shorten their lives. You can make your cat very happy with life indoors. Even cats who've been outside all their lives learn to enjoy the comfort and security of home life. You may think that cats have to go outside to be happy. But cats would disagree with you, many other cat owners would too and so would local birds! Cats can live a happy and healthy life indoors with their families.

For further information download the Transitioning your cat from outdoors to indoors brochure (1.45mB PDF).

Find out more

RSPCA - Keeping Your Cat Safe and Happy at Home(PDF, 1MB) - The idea that all cats need to roam outdoors has changed, with many owners now providing a safe and suitable environment for their cat at home all day, every day. Keeping your cat contained and content at home means providing for all their needs and keeping them and wildlife safe. Read how it’s done!

Find out how to build Cat Proof Fencing and Cat Enclosures

When cats are kept indoors, they face fewer dangers from cat fights, cars, illness, getting lost or stolen. It also helps them stop hunting wildlife. Try all, or some, of these 10 tips for content cats, to keep your cat happy at home

Five adorable DIY projects for your cat to keep them happy and safe 

Love Cats Love Wildlife project background

Two community surveys were conducted in Tweed Shire in 2017 – both for cat owners and non- cat owners. We asked the community what they think about cats and how they keep their cats.

The community told us cat safety and protecting the environment were both very important to them. The survey revealed the many different feelings people have about cats and the many different ways they keep them.

People told stories of all the things that have happened to their cats. Cats are exposed to all sorts of dangers when they are allowed to wander, such as: being hit by cars, dog attack, snakes and ticks, disease, angry neighbours, theft, poisoning and cats getting lost. Many people are faced with big vet bills when they let their cats roam too!

Results from the survey showed that many residents who don’t own cats felt frustrated with roaming cats that came into their yards and injured wildlife or generally made a nuisance of themselves.

The information gained through these surveys forms the basis for this Love Cats Love Wildlife project.

Local project partners include Vets, Friends of the Pound, Universities, RSPCA, Cat Protection Society, Birdlife Northern Rivers.

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This project has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.