Burringbar and Crabbes Creeks Flash Flood Alert

Tweed Early Warning

We're trialling a new flash flood alert service. This service is currently available for:

  • Burringbar and Mooball
  • Crabbes Creek.

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This flash flood alert service 'does not replace' but complements advice from NSW State Emergency Service (SES), Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and other leading authorities during flood events. Please continue to follow directions from these agencies.

Below is guide of when you may expect to received alerts:

  • heads up may be issued between 12 and 6 hours before the predicted flash flood

  • minor, moderate or major flash flood alert may be issued between 6 and 3 hours before.

Floods are very hard to predict, so please note that these are estimate times only. For example, you may receive alerts one hour before the predicted flash flooding.

The trial sites

The trial sites were chosen as the small Burringbar Creek and Crabbes Creek catchments are not covered by BOM flood warnings as the time between rainfall and flooding is too short.

Other areas of the Tweed may be added depending on the success of the trial.

The flash flood system

The Burringbar and Crabbes creeks flash flood alert system was created in collaboration with officers from the Tweed Shire Council, SES, BOM and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

The system uses an automated flood forecasting system to predict flash flooding. Alerts will be issued to subscribed users, free of charge, via SMS, email and recorded voice message (landline).

Community consultation from January to March 2021 helped define the community’s flood alert needs. Visit yoursaytweed.com.au/flood-alert for more information.

This project is funded under the NSW and Australian governments' Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

Register below to receive flash flood alerts via SMS, email and recorded audio (landline).

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