Works as executed (WAX) plans

Example of ADAC data capture - underground pipes

What are WAX Plans?

Work as Executed (WAX) plans are submitted so that Council can confirm the construction is in accordance with the Subdivision Works Certificate (and Section 68, if applicable) approvals and conditions, and to advise where geometries or other engineering related information may differ from the approved design.

Amended Design WAX Plans (prepared by the engaged Consulting Engineer showing marked-up design plans of WAX information) and Summary WAX Plans (prepared by the engaged Surveyor showing clean WAX information) are to be provided.

The Summary WAX Plans must accurately reflect the actual material types, specifications and other asset-specific information relating to the completed works.

Providers are encouraged to use the WAX drawing templates below to assist with meeting Council’s presentation standards.

Details on the preparation of both Amended Design and Summary WAX Plans and the necessary certifications to be included can be found in Council's Development Design Specification D13, under the section detailing Subdivision Certificate Applications.

WAX compliance certificate - subdivision

To obtain a Subdivision Work as Executed Plans Compliance Certificate, you'll need:

1. Work as Executed Plans (WAX Plans)

Work as Executed Plans (WAX Plans) as detailed in the Development Design Specification D13 are required so that Council can confirm if the final works conform to the locations, geometry and other engineering aspects documented in the approved Subdivision Works Certificate design (and Section 68 approval, if applicable).

Additionally, the WAX Plans provide detailed data on all new or modified assets and infrastructure allowing Council to accurately record this information and plan for ongoing maintenance and renewal demands.

2. Compliant ADAC XML digital file

Since 1 January 2020, all Development Approval Consent Notices require a compliant ADAC XML digital file to accompany Summary WAX Plan submissions for the associated development works.

Subdivision construction works started after 1 January 2020 are also required to provide ADAC compliant WAX documentation.

Read below for more information about ADAC XML digital files.

Submit your application using the Works As Executed Plans Compliance Certificate(PDF, 179KB) form, along with with the required supporting documentation.

What are ADAC XML digital files?

The ADAC XML digital file is a precise digital record of all assets described in the Summary WAX Plans.

Details include survey-accurate cadastral and boundary references, easements, geometries and relative levels, as well as detailed asset records and accompanying attributes, including sizes and material types.

Depending on the tools (ADAC XML generator) being used to produce the ADAC XML, compliant digital files are created following survey capture and then finalised in conjunction with the preparation of the Summary WAX Plan(s).

Alternatively the ADAC XML files may be generated after the electronic Summary WAX Plan (CAD drawing file) has been created.

It is essential that the Summary WAX Plans and ADAC XML digital files are created using complete and survey-accurate information and that all engineering details are consistent across both the Summary WAX Plan(s) and the ADAC XML digital file.

For more information on the creation of ADAC XML digital files see ADAC XML Data Capture Guidelines(PDF, 3MB)

WAX drawing templates

Download the zip file to extract the individual templates: