Fireplaces and heating appliances

A solid fuel fireplace, cooker, stove or heater requires an approval from Council or an accredited certifier before installing.

For gas heater installations contact SafeWork NSW on 13 10 50.

Where the solid fuel fireplace, cooker, stove or heater is to be installed into an existing dwelling, you will need to lodge a development application and construction certificate.

You will need to provide with your application :

  • A site plan
  • An elevation plan indicating the flue location and height in relation to the rest of the roof
  • Floor plan indicating location of the Oil/Solid Fuel Heating application including distances from adjoining walls
  • Manufactures installation specifications
  • If in a bushfire prone area the flue must have fire arrestors - please indicate on plan

Where the solid fuel fireplace, cooker, stove or heater is to be installed as part of a new dwelling or additions to a dwelling it can be approved with those plans.

The following requirements apply to all installations:

  • When designing and installing the solid fuel appliance the installer must consider that the structural integrity of the dwelling is not compromised. Any modification to structural components must be carried in accordance with the National Construction Code. Consultation with a structural engineer may be required.
  • The solid fuel appliance is to be installed and operated in accordance with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority Environmental Guideline  (external link) for Selecting and Installing and operating Domestic Solid Fuel Heater
  • A certificate of installation is required to be completed by the competent person who carried out the installation and returned to Council prior to use. A copy will be provided with the approval to install the solid fuel appliance.
  • Consideration must be given to the impact of smoke nuisance on neighbours and so burning of treated timber, grasses and green or wet timber is not permitted.
  • A component installer is required to be licenced under the Home Building Act 1989 if the cost of installation is over $5,000. The categories of licence are either ‘building’ or ‘minor trade work (solid fuel heaters)’.

Please see the NSW Fair Trading links below to the qualification requirements for each of these classes: