Environmental grants and incentives

Pottsville Wetland provides habitat for one of the three remaining resident koala populations on the Tweed Coast.jpg

Biodiversity grants and incentives

Council provides advice to landholders and community groups on all aspects of natural resource management including:

  • weed control
  • planting, erosion 
  • bank stabilisation works
  • pest management
  • sustainable agricultural practices
  • sustainable living

Council also applies for external grants to support our own funded works, often in partnership with other government agencies and community groups.

Tweed Landcare

Council has a partnership with Tweed Landcare, providing an office for a Landcare support officer. The aim is to increase community involvement in natural resource management activities.

Contact: landcarecoordinator@tweedlandcare.org.au

Biodiversity grants program

Council assists private land owners, community groups and researchers to carry out projects that contribute to the following ecological priorities within the Tweed:

  1. rehabilitation of degraded habitats
  2. restoration of previously cleared areas
  3. threatened species recovery
  4. management of threatening processes
  5. monitoring and research

Read more in the Biodiversity grants brochure(PDF, 2MB)

River Health Grants Program

River health grants aim to improve and protect water quality and waterway health in the shires natural waterways.

Funding is available for projects targeting typical problems along our rivers and creeks including poor riparian vegetation and bank erosion.

A high priority is given to projects that improve the hygiene of our drinking water supplies. Eligible activities include riparian fencing, stock drinking troughs and revegetation.

Rural landowners interested in the program are invited to complete the expression of interest form.

Read more in the River health grants brochure(PDF, 981KB).

River Health Grants Program expression of interest form

Click here to view form.

Contact Matthew Bloor for further information:

Call 02 6670 2580
Email mbloor@tweed.nsw.gov.au

Sustainable agriculture small grants program

The sustainable agriculture small grants program supports local farmers to use land management practices that benefit the farm, the community and the environment. See Agriculture and farming for more information.

Land for Wildlife

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary property registration scheme that helps private landholders manage wildlife habitat on their property. The scheme supports nature conservation on private land, irrespective of other land uses.

It's free to join Council's Land for Wildlife program, it is not legally binding and does not alter a property’s legal status.

See Private land conservation

Koala Connections

Koala Connections aims to provide a secure future for koalas on the NSW far north coast by increasing the area, quality and connectivity of koala habitat in the Tweed and Byron shires.

If you live between the Pacific Highway and the coast and south of Kingscliff you may be eligible for assistance with weed control and/or tree planting through this project. See Koalas

Other grants

Other organisations provide grants for weed control, planting and fencing for private landholders and community groups. Check the following websites for grant opportunities: