Fireworks approvals

Fireworks To purchase, use, store, manufacture, supply and transport fireworks you need a licence.

You must have a pyrotechnicians licence or a fireworks single use licence if you want to use fireworks. Fireworks and explosives can cause serious injury or death if not handled properly. 

Fireworks displays are regulated and approved by SafeWork NSW, call 13 10 50.

To find a fireworks display or event in your area, see What's On Tweed.

Notifications for fireworks displays

See fireworks displays notifications

Notified fireworks displays must not proceed if any authorities raise objections (and the licensee has not been able to resolve those objections).

Council notification

SafeWork NSW developed Guidelines for Council to provide a framework when deciding whether to raise objection.

When submitting a fireworks display notification to Council, please allow at least 7 working days before the display and include the following::

  1. reason for the fireworks display including any associated event/activity at the premises
  2. proposed location of the display including site plan
  3. date, time, and duration of display
  4. types of fireworks to be used in the display
  5. written approval of the land owner to hold a display
  6. completed SafeWork NSW Fireworks Display Checklist
  7. completed SafeWork NSW Notification of Pyrotechnics/Fireworks Display (where applicable)


Complaints about fireworks displays should be directed to SafeWork NSW on 13 10 50.

Search an approved list of fireworks displays on the SafeWork NSW website.

Where valid complaints are received about a fireworks display, Council may object to similar events in the future. 

Event organisers

Where the firework display is associated with an event, the event may require development consent from Council. For more information contact Council’s Development Assessment and Compliance Unit on 02 6670 2400.

Council’s Environmental Health Unit assess firework display notifications for impact on amenity and the environment.