Tweed Valley Cemetery

Tweed Valley Cemetery

Tweed Valley Lawn Cemetery offers everything for family and friends to farewell, celebrate and remember loved ones in a beautiful location.

Tweed Valley Cemetery at Eviron is the main cemetery in the Tweed. It includes a modern crematorium and an historic, non-denominational chapel.

The chapel is available for hire for funeral services, wakes and other gatherings of family and friends, and includes:

  • seating for up to 90 people
  • live streaming available on request
  • kitchen facilities for catering.

This cemetery is a lawn cemetery only and does not include monumental sites. Lawn burial sites extend up the cemetery’s green hills, bounded by flowering shrubs. Allotments are available for burials and reservations. A variety of burial and ash interment options are available.

Holding the service, burial and other gatherings in one place offers an easier, more relaxed day for those attending.

Tweed Valley Cemetery chapel

The cemetery's stunning grounds offer many options for interment, including:

  • an expanded selection of lawn burial sites
  • rainforest walk memorial sites
  • family tree or individual tree memorial sites.

There are also several options for permanent and picturesque locations for ashes:

  • tranquil memorial lawns and gardens
  • memorial walks (rainforest, creek, cordyline)
  • tree memorials (for individuals and families)
  • memorial walls and ‘books’.

Location and access

Vehicle access to the Tweed Valley Cemetery parking area is available from 6 am to 7 pm, from the Eastern entrance.

(The Western entrance is closed at 4pm Monday to Friday and on weekends and public holidays.)

Pedestrian access is available at all times from the Eastern entrance.

Address: 813-871 Eviron Road, Eviron 2484

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