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Tweed Shire Council bills customers for their water every quarter in line with New South Wales Government best-practice guidelines.

With quarterly billing, the meter-reading and billing cycle is continuous. Every quarter, meter reading occurs 11 out of 13 weeks and bills are sent within two weeks of a meter being read. So, knowing your meter reading week can help you manage your budget. For example, households that have their meter read in Week 1 can expect their bill by Week 3 at the latest; households that have their meter read in Week 5, can expect their bill by Week 7 at the latest.

Pro-rated bills

The price of water changes on 1 July every year. For bills that straddle two financial years, water charges are pro-rated. This means a daily average consumption figure is calculated according to the number of days in the billing period. If the billing period covers 91 days but 20 of those days were in June, those 20 days are billed at the 2018-2019 rates and 71 days are billed at 2019-2020 rates.

Every year, every household is charged a full 365 days at the appropriate annual rate.

2019-2020 Access and Consumption Charges

Customers are charged both an Access fee for water and wastewater services and Consumption charges for water and, in some cases, wastewater services.

For a summary of current water, wastewater and liquid trade waste charges, see Water Charges 2019-2020 in the available downloads section of this page.

For further information about Water and Wastewater Fees and Charges, please see the Revenue Policy and Statement (external link) and the 2019-2020 Fees and Charges (external link).

Meter reading reMinder

Water Drip
To know when to expect your water bill, click here to find out your water meter reading week. When your week is published in Tweed Link, you will know your bill will arrive in three weeks' time at the latest.

Remember, accounts are subject to interest charges calculated from the due date if not paid in full on time.

Section 64 Developer Charges

For information on Council's Section 64 Developer Charges for Water and Wastewater, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for water and wastewater services?

Any property connected to the town water and wastewater service must pay for these services. In some cases, even if you're not connected to town water or wastewater services, you may still have to pay the Annual Access Charge. This applies to:

  • Any property within 75m of Council’s wastewater supply or 225m of a water main; and
  • Where Council considers it practical and cost-efficient for your property to be connected.

Council may extend a supply area. In this instance, any properties that then meet the above criteria will attract the relevant access charges.

If you're renting, your landlord may pay rates on your behalf. According to the Residential Tenancy Act, landlords can only pass on the water consumption bill to tenants if:

  • All shower heads and tapware on the premises have a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute (3 star WELS rated).
  • There are no leaking taps on the premises when the rental tenancy agreement begins or after the water efficiency measures are installed, whichever is the latter.
What does Council do with revenue from water and wastewater services?
Revenue from water, wastewater and liquid trade waste access and consumption charges are invested directly back into providing, maintaining and upgrading water and wastewater infrastructure and services in the Tweed. They help Council to provide high quality water and wastewater services and facilities now and into the future.
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