Building information applications

With the owner’s consent you can request a copy of approved plans relating to a building on the property.

This application is intended to provide specific information concerning the construction of a single building & associated structures, copies of building plans, certificates, and reports.

There are 2 ways to apply for this information:

  1. Building Information copy of plans - fees apply
    Timing: Allow up to 10 working days for application to be processed.
    Apply: Use the online form provided below

  2. Informal access to information request
    You may first arrange to view the file to select the particular plans or detail required as some detail may be irrelevant to your needs. Plan copying charges may apply.
    Timing: Informal requests can take up to 60 working days.
    Apply: Informal access to information request application

Building information online form

The fees cover the search for the plans; if the plans cannot be located the fee will not be refunded

All information / plans will be sent via email unless the postage request box is ticked on the form and additional fees are paid for.