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11 August 2022

Crews detect water leaks by listening

Hard-to-detect leaks will be found without excavation works or loss of water supply

Water leak technology
Technicians using special acoustic technology will be on the hunt to detect water leaks across the Tweed in coming weeks.

For 7 weeks from Monday 15 August 2022, expert technicians will be hunting for water leaks throughout more than 600 kilometres of the Tweed’s water supply pipes.

Contracted by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, the technicians from Aqua Analytics will use advanced acoustic technology to pinpoint leaking water in about 85% of the supply network pipes, starting in Tweed Heads and moving south.

Council crews will undertake on-ground works where needed to reduce water loss.

Council’s Water and Wastewater Operations Manager Brie Jowett said the acoustic technology was state-of-art, and would pinpoint water leaks that are hard to detect.

“Not all leaks show at ground-level – many are hidden,” Ms Jowett said.

“When there’s a leak in a pressurised water pipe, it generates a distinct sound that the acoustic technology detects. Skilled technicians will move through our water supply network, listening for this sound in our water pipes, fire hydrants, valves and water meters.

“As they detect leaks, the techs will make reports so Council crews can undertake repair works.

“If a leak is detected in the private plumbing on the customer side of a water meter, Council will notify the customer to a possible leak. It’s a massive job that will result in water savings throughout the Tweed.”

The Department of Planning and Environment, through the NSW Water Efficiency Program, has contracted Aqua Analytics to carry out the leak detection.

Residents may notice Aqua Analytics crews with a device that looks like a metal detector.

While only water mains on public land and road reserves will be surveyed, technicians may need to access private property to assess water meters and supply pipes. There will be no excavation works or loss of water supply.

As part of their work, the technicians may detect leaks within the private plumbing on the customer side of water meters. If a leak is suspected in your plumbing, Council will notify you.

For further information or questions, please call 02 6670 2400 or email tsc@tweed.nsw.gov.au.


Photo 1: Water leak listening
Caption: Technicians using special acoustic technology will be on the hunt to detect water leaks across the Tweed in coming weeks.

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