People with disability

Disability services

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for people with a disability to take part in every aspect of community life and have fair access to Council and community programs, services and resources.

Many of us will experience disability at some point in our lifetime

There are over 19,000 Tweed residents who experience some form of disability.

This can include a physical or mobility impairment, a sensory or speech impairment like blindness or deafness, a cognitive or intellectual disability, or long-term health condition. Some disabilities or conditions are not visible or do not appear obvious.

About 6,500 residents living in the Tweed need the assistance of a carer, family or friends to get about their daily life. This data is based on 2016 Census data.

International Day of People with Disability

International Day of People with Disability is a United Nations designated day held annually on 3 December.

The day celebrates and recognises the 1 billion people who live with disability globally. It aims to promote a better understanding of disability as a human rights issue and community development priority, and focus on the benefits to all from including people with disabilities in every aspect of the political, social, economic and cultural life of their communities.

Watch members of the Tweed Equal Access Advisory Committee share their experiences and stories to celebrate 2021 International Day of People with Disability.

Access and Inclusion

Access means you can go where you need to in the community: into buildings, on transport, in parks and to events. It means there are toilets you can find and use. It also means you can find and understand information about important things going on in the Tweed, so that you can participate and be included in decisions being made.

Inclusion means you feel welcome and part of the community, and treated with dignity and respect as a valued and equal member of society.

The Tweed Shire Equal Access Advisory Committee works with Council to provide advice and community and organisational perspectives on access and inclusion issues, and to support Council to plan and deliver the Tweed Access and Inclusion Plan.

The Tweed Equal Access Advisory Committee (EAAC) has played a major role in improving access for people with disability in the Tweed Shire. Members of the EAAC talk about how important access is for people with disability to be involved in the community.

Members of the Tweed Equal Access Advisory Committee talk about the importance of being included in the community and how Council has played a key role in achieving this.

The Tweed Disability Network is a forum for consultation between organisations that support people with disability and their carers to collaborate, advocate, exchange information and stay informed about sector reforms so that organisations are responsive to community needs in the Tweed Local Government Area.

Attendance at forums is open to community care organisations that support people with disability in the Tweed or Northern NSW/Gold Coast region. People with disability, their families and carers are also welcome to attend. Sign up to the Tweed Disability Network mailing list.

Policy and strategic documents

Access and Inclusion Policy

The Access and Inclusion Policy(PDF, 157KB) provides a framework outlining Council's commitment to improving access and inclusion.

Tweed Access and Inclusion Plan 2018-2021

The Tweed Access and Inclusion Plan is Council’s DIAP or Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

A DIAP identifies and removes access barriers so that communities are more inclusive of inclusion for people with disability and seniors. A DIAP provides direction to Council to address issues, engage, plan and co-design solutions with community over 4 years.

There are four Key Focus Areas in the new Disability Inclusion Plan:

  1. Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours
  2. Creating liveable communities
  3. Supporting access to meaningful employment
  4. Improving access to services through better systems and processes

Under the NSW Discrimination Act 2014, all Councils and public sector organisations need to have a DIAP.

Access and Inclusion Plan 2018-2021(PDF, 3MB)

Access and Inclusion Plan 2018-2021 - Easy English version(PDF, 729KB)

Help update the Tweed Access and Inclusion Plan

With community input and by building on the achievements of the current Plan, Council aims to make a new DIAP that will guide our work program to improve access and inclusion for everyone over the next 4 years.

Share your views on a more inclusive Tweed.

Issues Papers

The Tweed Shire Issues Paper and Profile of People with Disability(PDF, 574KB) has been endorsed to inform the development of Council's Access and Inclusion Policy and Action Plan.


Previous events - Access and Inclusion Awards

The Tweed Shire Access and Inclusion Awards were launched in 2013 to celebrate achievement and innovation in building an accessible community.

The awards recognise and acknowledge action by individuals, community groups, organisations and businesses that build and promote an accessible and inclusive Tweed community. They culminate in an awards ceremony in early December, to coincide with the International Day of People with Disability.

Visit Access and inclusion awards for more information.

Watch a video of the 2013 awards ceremony, featuring the entertainers and all the award and certificate recipients.